I miss things

September 2nd, 2012

The worst possible thing about travelling to Japan or any overseas destination for that matter is having to depart and head home. It has been 9.4 weeks since I left from my journey that went on for around 2 months. When I look back on that, it is pretty crazy the lengths I went to, to be able to afford and do what I actually wanted to. Travelling to Japan a few times before I can safely say my last trip was the best experience yet. I could almost say I was there for just the right amount of time to start realising how things actually flow. There is so much to learn and see apart from that mind-blowingly awesome car culture that lies beneath. Writing this and searching through my archives on a daily basis to update the blog for all of you gives me more and more motivation to save up and plan another spectacular trip early next year. The constant days of reading through the most recent issue of Doriten and planning and scheduling the weeks. The variety of events, meets and shows was just perfect.

There are still a stupid amount of photos to show you all so sit tight and keep refreshing for daily updates. Also I hope you’re looking forward to the Shirtstuckedin 2013 Automotive Calendar as much as I am. Casey x

September 28th, 2010