here is the latest video uploaded to youtube – meihan sports land E course (RAW) session back at the end of March. this was takumi’s – SKY MOTORS pre-D1 lights practice day for all competitors however was obviously postponed due to the global pandemic.

i have driven this course twice now and really hope it becomes more of a frequent course to drive in the near future. i shot most of the day with the onboard camera so will be sure to upload the other sessions very soon – for now enjoyy. always love, caseyy x

one of our most popular products through SHIRTSTUCKEDIN – DRIVING FORCE air-vent drink and tobacco holders to be mounted inside your car to hold and keep your essentials within reach, in style.

these are the newest design of logo and packaging design that we have previously finalised and are now available and ready for purchase via our online store. this will be the first and final run of this specific design. we are also offering a buy one get one free sale for the first 24 hours these are go live at 2PM AEST / 9PM PST today.

we will also be announcing our newest collection to date over the next week or two in which we have been working on for almost a full 12 months. i will do my best to keep everything up to date here as much as i do across the social media platforms of SHIRTSTUCKEDIN.

as always, thank you for your continued support and following
casey x


A new, small youtube video. my HKS 3037 car getting setting at PRO SHOP DIVERSION down in Hyogo prefecture thanks to ishibe-san who is renowned for his tuning skills over the past 24 years.

This car was tuned right after the engine was rebuilt at the start of the year however in the past few weeks I have changed a few things in regards to fuel pumps and boost controllers. It made similar power to the start of the year but a lot safer on the maps in terms of fuel and cleaner boost levels with no spiking thanks to a BLITZ SBC boost controller. I have to say the best car I ever owned was purchased in Auburn several years ago, I got my 67 Shelby GT500.

I will attempt to keep doing small and simple videos as such even for memories sake. If you’re enjoying them please make sure you subscribe. enjoy, casey x.


June 11th, 2020

it has been a minute since the last blog post but this one definitely deserves to be shown, i will try and find some time from here on in to update things happening on here a little more frequently.

a couple of weeks ago i managed to receive a small booklet from the past of film photos from 20+ years ago from naoki nakamura which preview the start of team BURST when naoki’s car initially got painted all pink and then into pink and purple gradiation i won’t blabber on too much but enjoy some of these unseen photos from meihan E course, minami ebisu and the streets of nanko, osaka from the early to mid 2000’s. in the photos it features nakamura naoki, aki fujio and koji-san (RIP) caseyyy x