Long and fun weekend spent across the bay in Chiba for the Tamashi drift day held at Mobara Twin. Over 100 amazing cars entered the event with some of the coolest driving I’ve seen in Japan x

Today was once again another surreal day in Japan. Yesterday I tripped down to Kyoto from Tokyo in order to attend the opening round of MSC Challenge for 2013 at Suzuka Twin Circuit. Being in the Kansai region meant for a lot of crazy cars and drivers to show up. Here is a shot of Sahashi-san and his low-style R32 after a long day of driving with his other 2 team members x


April 17th, 2013

Japan has once again been amazing. Over the last week or so I haven’t been doing as much shooting as I would have liked however we purchased a little Kei car to run around in and slowly work on. 2 nights ago I took the trip down to Osaka to attend a private soukoukai day at Meihan held by Nakamura and the Team BURST guys. Can’t wait for the next few weeks to roll on through and get to some more events. Here is a little update of an MR2 at Exciting Car Showdown x

Cold days with some of the grooviest cars from southern Japan x

C130 parked up of the expressway heading to the Carina x Celica meeting in Fujinomiya x


April 8th, 2013

I have been back in Japan for a week exactly and it feels like it’s been a month. Myself, Park, Rod and Colin have been traveling throughout the southern regions of Japan; Nagoya and Hiroshima. With next to no sleep we compensated with shooting some amazing events and cars. Here is a small, brief update for now from Exciting Car Showdown on the weekend. This car alongside the red RPS13 built from Spirit Rei x