July 30th, 2019

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July 26th, 2019

ENJOY the weekend. PS: new logo layout ;)) x


July 22nd, 2019

1990 club stickers by SHIRTSTUCKEDIN.

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last monday at meihan sports land, c course. a few runs in the 3037 car x

with the main event of kansai all stars getting closer and closer there are only a few prefectures left for qualifying. osaka took place yesterday at meihan sports land, c course. following this the only prefecture remaining will be shiga-ken due to run later this month.

since the last day of driving for nara and mie-ken qualifying there were a few things i needed to amend with the car. with the mechanical skills and help of Naoki-san and the boys at N-STYLE the car was ready a few days before which meant i was able to head out for more practice.

the drive from jake’s and i’s new place in nara is about 20ish minutes on low roads (free) to meihan, super close and convenient. usually there is a decent convoy going out together in a pack however this day it was just myself to soon meet a few friends at the circuit. gas stand photo on a humid, rainy morning. summer is coming.

one of those people being ryota / SPLASH in his newly finished TD-06 kouki S14 silvia. this was recently completed and ready for shake-down by the hands of both ryota and takumi from SKY MOTORS. this was ryota’s first day back in his faster car, recently driving his missile which is just completely factory engine setup. ryota has been a strong contender for kansai all stars in the previous years representing osaka and was back for this years qualifying in hopes to retain that spot.

braden was also out for qualifying in his T517 S14. residing in osaka for the past 5-6 years this was his first time having a crack at being a competitor in this years kansai all stars.

tsuneda-san from NEO STYLE cafe and tuning with no days off. here looking over settings on his wife’s S15. this is the very talented fellow that tuned my turbo, 3037 car. tsuneda has been fiddling and learning his way around multiple computers and SR20s for the past 23 years and is very known in the kansai region of japan.

hiro from MIDNIGHT GARAGE MILK TEA was also back out in force and has been back into meihan recently after a little break…

…along with yuya and naru.

akun, as always was there in his factory and reliable 1JZ S15 and managed to qualify second out of a total 16 drivers.

takumi was not only judging for osaka but was out driving also however didn’t get too much driving in with a broken 3rd gear in his NISMO cross mission 6 speed.

driving to the circuit, driving all day and driving home safely without next to no dramas will forever be a good day. another day with 0 problems. car didn’t breach 73 degrees. time for another look over and some more simple maintenance and hopefully be back out for another few practice days before all stars early to mid next month 🙂 caseyy xx

2015 TOKIO

July 7th, 2019

TOKIO 15 x

GX71 in kagoshima springs. still have so many images from trips far down south to kyüshü i need to sort, edit and upload at some stage which showcase some of the coolest, rarest cars i’ve ever come across. for now enjoy this photo of takeshi-san’s nana-ichi x


July 4th, 2019

we are currently running a GIVEAWAY to win this super clean example – 330mm clear HITMAN steering wheel. simply spend $20 or more through our online store to automatically be entered to win. capping it at 150 entrants and hope to draw the winner sometime next week. good luck.



July 3rd, 2019

managed to fix the banner for the blog (thanks for those who messaged letting me know it wasn’t showing). here is a photo of the beige PS13 late 2017 on the docks of osaka bay. RIP 水準向上 x


July 2nd, 2019

man on a bike – sagmihara pleasure forest x