ASDCLUBGP In New Zealand

January 29th, 2020

happy two-thousand-twenty.

after spending summer back home in Australia for christmas and new years it was time to head back to Japan in time for both the annual Tokyo Auto Salon and VERTEX drift day at Mobara Twin Circuit. not realising i was only going to be back in the country a few days before booking and making a very very last minute decision to fly to NZ for the ASDCLUBP event (5 hours before the flight left) to be precise.

I have known these boys for almost a decade however never managed to have the time to make it south to NZ and witness their cars. I will keep the writing short as always but just want to express my thank you to everyone involved for your hard work in what was such a relaxed an amazing event. Damo, Vince & Keisuke specially thanks to you boys for trusting me driving your whips for a few laps. An extended thank you and love to Keisuke Nagashima, Joel & Adam, Ai, Reuben for your hospitality as always (L).

Enjoy the images. Love always caseyyyy x


January 8th, 2020

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