R32 RB Meeting

September 28th, 2012

Slowly going through the photos from the RB Meeting at Nikko Circuit x


September 27th, 2012

Here is another shot of a RWB rolling along the Expressway en route for Idlers at Tsukuba Circuit. A few months ago I posted this front angle of the same car you can see it here. Always puts a smile on my face seeing cars to this seriousness rolling along main roads without any looks from ongoing people. It’s one thing to see the RWB cars inside the workshop or at the race track for that matter however I think it was best to see it rolling along the expressway x

The first course we checked out at the Spring Matsuri was of course, Nishi which is the West course. There were a bunch of cars going crazy as per usual. This A31 Cefiro was sitting low and pretty in the pit area and definitely sounded as tough as it looks. Heaps to come from Ebisu x

Fatlace S13

September 25th, 2012

Being nice and early to the Hellaflush Kansai was definitely worth getting out of bed a little earlier than expected. It is shots like this that made it worth it, non cluttered photos with the smooth, morning light as the cars set stage. This one particular shot of the Fatlace S13 that lives in Japan alongside Toshi-Sans RWB Porsche was a favourite. Plenty more to come! x


September 24th, 2012

Nikko Circuit x

C130 ローレル

September 21st, 2012

Weekends are non-stop in Japan. After Hellaflush all the way down in Nishiwaki (Hyogo Prefecture) we thought it would be a good idea to check out a classic car meet the next day all the way back up in Odaiba, Tokyo. To be honest it wasn’t very exciting and a little expensive to get in. Travelling by train out of central Tokyo on a hot day made us wonder around as we didn’t want to head back immediately. We checked out the car park, little did we know it was a thousand times better than the actual show. Here is a C130 Laurel we spotted amongst a bunch of other awe-inspiring cars. It has often been stated, that in Japan the car parks are usually an equal match for the shows when it comes to quality. Plenty more to come! x


September 20th, 2012

Lately I have been spending the majority of my days and nights working and cleaning up my car in preparation for Matsuri. A good advantage of daily driving is finding common problems, faults and glitches that tend to give way. I have pretty much been trying to go over the car in order to replace so it becomes more reliable. Here is how it looks at the moment, still pretty much the same. The front got lowered a few weeks ago after the new exhaust was fitted. The front got dropped around 15mm which let me wind in a little more caster due to the LCA’s being at a level height now, no longer facing down. As for the rear, around 5mm or so as I want it to be raking! I have luckily, found another full set of AVS6 in black, which will be painted white to match these ones in 8Js which is an inch wider than my current ones. Super excited to get them and have matching wheels to use on the track.

Pretty excited to drive this car on the track in a few weeks time but there is still some work to do! x

RWB Hunting

September 20th, 2012

RWB Hunting with Shinji Yoshioka x

Nights in Kanto with the boys from Team FREEE’S☆. These dudes are family, showed us so much during my trip and took us out for some unforgettable nights x

Characterised levin hatch sitting pretty on Minami course, Ebisu Circuit x