Fatlace S13

September 25th, 2012

Being nice and early to the Hellaflush Kansai was definitely worth getting out of bed a little earlier than expected. It is shots like this that made it worth it, non cluttered photos with the smooth, morning light as the cars set stage. This one particular shot of the Fatlace S13 that lives in Japan alongside Toshi-Sans RWB Porsche was a favourite. Plenty more to come! x

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  1. Hamish Says:


  2. martin paré Says:

    which I could read japanese . What does it says at the top? by the way, love your work!

  3. IYOGI88 Says:

    since the day i saw tra-kyoto rocket bunny, i fell in love with the design, so clean and tucked in, fatlace s13 is done right, only running the stickers they want and great design with the logo on the door, really dig the rays wheels go well with the kit 🙂 great shot Casey !! thumbs up

  4. Curtis Says:


  5. kip Says:

    Yes, Desktop 😀

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