Fitness Tips For Long-Term Success

Fresh tips for staying fit this spring, and throughout the year.

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Everyone wants to get in beach body shape for summer, but how about making changes to get fit and stay fit throughout the year? These six tips will help set you up for long-term success.

Avoid overshooting.
Know your limits, and be practical about how much you can and should exercise. It’s better to start conservatively and progress to more strenuous workouts than to start by overdoing it and risk getting burnt out or injured. If you currently exercise one or two days a week, bump it up to three. Eventually work up to five or six, and always include a day to rest. Check out these ignite drops reviews.

Set a goal.
Sign up for a race or competition, map out a new route, or join a class you’ve always wanted to try. Working toward attainable goals will help keep you motivated and dedicated. Decide on a way to reward your accomplishments that’s not food-related, and then work toward a new goal.

Asses hydration.
According to a new study released by the , many Americans actually are drinking enough water — but are you one of them? The report also found that as physical activity increased, so did water intake. But because folks who exercise regularly are at greater risk for falling short on fluids, it’s worth counting up the ounces you drink for a couple of days to see where you stand. These are the Best sex pills.

Eat for performance.
Keeping fit means eating right. Fuel your workouts by eating properly beforehand and making smart choices during the rest of the day. It’s fine to indulge occasionally, but try not to undo all that hard work by eating too many high-calorie foods.

Remember to recover, recover, recover.
This buzzy sports nutrition term actually means something. Get in a meal or snack of some healthy carbs and protein directly after exercise to help replenish energy stores and build muscle. Get into the routine of doing this after any strenuous exercise session, and see our list of recovery food suggestions.

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  1. Beau "Jangles" Says:

    About time you started desktops !!!!!!!!! Good way to start, its on the wall already 🙂

    Do my 100 after the re-spray

  2. Chris Says:

    These are rad. Will you ever post some of the shots that aren’t cars for Desks? Like the film hotel shots? Those were great.

  3. CaseyD Says:

    Possibly Chris, although it depends what resolution the film was scanned at, normally in AUS they aren’t bigger than 1920x but the ones from Japan should be 🙂

  4. Troy Says:

    Any chance for desktop of the Supermade Y34 pretty please? Thanks Casey, awesome job!!! =D

  5. Ace Says:

    Love your posts man. Wicked Stuff keep posting and keep adding more wallpapers..

  6. Bolts Says:

    MORE…… please? so damned nice, love all your work

  7. Jean-Guy Says:

    Good Start ! Waiting for some more pornauto stuff 🙂

  8. KeeTom Says:

    I really want that B+W photo of the Supermade S15 on my desk.
    That photo was incredible.

  9. us05lw Says:

    love the photos, upload a S15 would be good 🙂

  10. Hamish Says:

    Have to agree with KeeTom, any chance of a desktop of the Supermade S15 Casey? 🙂

  11. David Says:

    More wallpapers!!

  12. Reece Mikkelson Says:

  13. Adam Says:

    hey can we get some shots of cars in the mountains, and if you have anything with Cherryblossums in the backgroud that would be great to, i cant find much in the way of cars with them in the background.

  14. Sean Says:

    Team FREEE’S S13 and/or JZX100 please! ;D

  15. Nino S Says:

    Anything RWB, The Hilux, and those lowlowlow R32s.

  16. Jamie Says:

    Check out our desktops at

    Thank you 🙂

  17. Adam Says:!/photo.php?fbid=415709708456465&set=a.384157298278373.102537.134344266593012&type=1&theater

    This pic from ur FB page would make a rly nice desktop.

  18. Budman Says:

    Sick Photos!

  19. Josh Says:

    Great wall papers, but too small. I need at least 2560×1440 for my iMac.

  20. ivan Says:

    hello to all .. I am in Italy .. I have a 92 s13 CA18DET engine .. ‘m mounting a SR20DET REDTOP of a PS13 .. But I have a problem with the electrical system .. I could use the complete circuit diagram of the PS13 .. is there anyone who can help me? thanks

  21. Harlyn Ruiz Says:


  22. Josh Says:

    Upload more! the best download pics I’ve seen

  23. Douglas Says:

    Very Nice Work! Why do the cars have different styles of rims? I mean i get the wheels are different in the back, but i guess japan just has style

  24. Matt Dillon Says:

    Would be super stoked to see these or other photo’s as iphone for samsung galaxy background images.

  25. Phil Robles Says:

    Super nice pics! I’ll keep checking back for more!

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