July 27th, 2021

a couple of weeks ago the 3037 car was booked in to be taken out to kagawa over on the island of shikoku to garage REMS. i have owned this car over 3 years now and have put majority of the money and budget into attending practice and competition days. this year however i feel like it’s the right time to give the car a new life.

the car is undergoing a lot of maintenance, panel beating and overhauling certain parts that have gotten old and tired and on the verge of causing a lot of damage. garage REMS used to be one of Naoki’s biggest sponsors and supporters back in his early days of driving, panel beating, maintenance and car setting on his blue DMAX cars well over a decade ago. he rear end of the car is going to be completely cut off and a one off pipe frame rear end to be constructed and welded onto the body, along with a fuel cell.

i have definitely gotten used to the look of this car and screwing whatever aero gets passed between one another however now that the process has started i’m beyond excited to get this car to a proper level and look to represent driving, people who support me and of course SHIRTSTUCKEDIN. more updates in the coming days. big love always, continue to stay positive and healthy caseyy xx


July 7th, 2021

SHIRTSTUCKEDIN DRIVING FORCE duffle bags – back in stock & online now. worldwide shipping available now with DHL International Express



July 5th, 2021

D1GP tsukuba circuit – 2000 course. rounds 3 & 4 held last weekend.

a course that is very well known around the globe and goes back to the early gran turismo days a kid. such a pleasure to be able to attend such event and have the privilege to shoot this course. being there in person definitely makes you appreciate the speed of this place compared to watching it live on youtube.

next round is ebisu (minami course) late august which is only around the corner and looking forward to it very much however the heat is forecast to be extreme. for now, here is what i saw at D1 tsukuba. as always enjoyy. caseyy x


July 2nd, 2021

mid week practice at meihan sports land c course. a tricky day with extremely indecisive weather starting off sunny, full wet, half wet, wet, half wet then dry to conclude. this course is difficult enough in the dry let alone multiple conditions in one day. for the past 3 years of owning this car i have relentlessly kept the wing on however with super high grip tires lately i feel like i’ve definitely been struggling to get the snap and feint where it needs to be. in the final session of this day i took it off and lowered the pressures quite a lot in which made a huge difference.

here is a really short video i’ve put together as it’s better than nothing. first run is with a wing earlyish in the day followed by the last session around 4PM with extremely worn tires and no wing. car is still feeling magic just need more practice as the car is now to build some more confidence and consistency x