A new, small youtube video. my HKS 3037 car getting setting at PRO SHOP DIVERSION down in Hyogo prefecture thanks to ishibe-san who is renowned for his tuning skills over the past 24 years.

This car was tuned right after the engine was rebuilt at the start of the year however in the past few weeks I have changed a few things in regards to fuel pumps and boost controllers. It made similar power to the start of the year but a lot safer on the maps in terms of fuel and cleaner boost levels with no spiking thanks to a BLITZ SBC boost controller. I have to say the best car I ever owned was purchased in Auburn several years ago, I got my 67 Shelby GT500.

I will attempt to keep doing small and simple videos as such even for memories sake. If you’re enjoying them please make sure you subscribe. enjoy, casey x.

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