Since returning back to Australia from Japan I have been thinking how I can somehow preview my work to each of you individually as a solid, in your hands, in front of your eyes. These days everything, as you know is on the computer with a few clicks of the mouse. I thought about doing a café styled booklet however the budget for half a dozen of them is out of my range, for now anyway. Compensating that idea I’ve thought of a more balanced solution – 2012/2013 Automotive Volume Shirtstuckedin Calendar.

These past few weeks I’ve been scouting through my galleries and archives from my trips to Japan trying to source the best possible images to use for print. Above is the design I will be looking to go ahead with for the front and back of the calendar. I, however want your help as an audience of Shirtstuckedin to submit in a comment below what image(s) pop into your head that you think are worthy of getting featured in this calendar that could potentially be hanging in your garage, workshop, kitchen, work office or even the bathroom. Whatever, wherever you hang it I don’t mind, I just want to make sure I can proceed this idea in the best possible way for you all.  The calendar will be from December 2012 through to December 2013 therefore 13 specific images must be chosen. It will also be showcasing a handful of images that are yet to be leaked all over the internet which I’m really excited to show you all. If you’re willing to share your opinion, comment below. Really looking forward to this! Thanks a bunch, Casey! x

18 Responses to “2012/2013 Automotive Volume Calendars”

  1. jake Says:

    Ill def be buying a calander!!!

  2. James Cale Says:

    This will be amazing, can’t wait!

  3. Paul Says:

    Some of my favourites (which are all in my rotation of desktops):
    -The Tec-Art’s Trueno three-wheeling
    -Fuji Speedway at dusk
    -The black-and-white shot of Streeter’s PS13.

    Will definitely be interested in one of these calendars. 🙂

  4. mertle Says:

    I love the sunrise over the docks streeto pics posted recently

  5. Chase Warner Says:

    I like the Lowbrain black & white you just posted and I also like the one I commented on last week. Those would make great calender photos, in my opinion.

    Cant wait for this, I will definitely buy on!

  6. richie Says:

    love the sneaky style street shots

  7. Joel Says:


  8. Tristan Says:

    Nagano Kobou S13 or Jesse Streeter S13

  9. Kevin Says:

    This is going to be great! I definitely think of those photos at Minami of Team Burst just having a good time, and how they looked like a big family.

  10. 90 Says:

    More street clips please.

  11. tanman Says:

    looking forward too it!

  12. Dann Says:

    The picture of the white Zenki N/A S14, Forgot what garage/team built it but the picture was taken next to a bridge at night, bit grainy & rainy.

  13. Shane Says:

    That is a awesome idea and ill be buying one for sure, There isnt enough months in year to cover all my faverite pics love your work

  14. Chad Says:

    I say throw some pics on there of the Team Review RPS13. That’s my favorite car you have ever published on the site.

  15. Michael Says:

    I would buy one in a heartbeat. Someone needs to produce some badass drift calenders.

  16. Scott Says:

    Whatever pics you choose i want one!

  17. Nik Says:

    The black C33 Laurel with the longchamp/mesh wheel combo!

  18. Sam Says:

    Definitely the na R32!

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