Ryogo’s 326 Kouki

May 29th, 2012

One of the nicest fellows I’ve met this trip – Ryogo-San, the owner of this 326 kitted Kouki S14 from team DLK. To be honest I didn’t think this trip would allow me to see the 326 cars in real life, however, once again I was caught off guard and saw a handful of them at Hellaflush Kansai. I wouldn’t call this a tease I would more-so call it an insight to a preview of what is to come over the next few months. I will be back in Australia within the next few weeks and definitely have some new thoughts and ideas for the site. I hope you guys are enjoying my updates here from Japan. Casey x

Rat Rod

May 25th, 2012

Mooneyes ’12. More to come x

Joel @ Meihan

May 21st, 2012

A person that has inspired not only I but thousands of you have been following over the years is the fellow behind the wheel of this clean R32 Skyline, Joel Hedges from C’s Garage in New Zealand. I finally had the chance to meet him down in Kansai region last week and headed out to Meihan for a mid-week practice day alongside Jesse Streeter and a few D1SL drivers. It was a fun, relaxing day to say the least, very chilled and perfect temperatures for both drifting and spectating. Here is one shot I like of Joel running along the wall, more to come very soon x

Weekend In Kansai

May 20th, 2012

This past weekend was a blast. On Friday afternoon I managed to lug myself and my baggage from Shinsaibashi down south to Kakogawa and then out west to Nishiwaki which is the station closest to Central Circuit where Hellaflush was being held on Saturday. It was great to meet up with Dino and Luke on Friday evening and then shooting all day at Hellaflush on Saturday. I met and caught up with so many great people the vibes were sensational which is precisely what Mark is all about with his events. After a full day of shooting in the harsh sun we began our trip back to Tokyo with some US fellows – Curtis and Charles from the base, Rod from AUTOnGRAPHIC, Colin from DOHCresearch and Park from Hightopfade. Also, a few Japanese fellows – Shota-San, Muko-San, Nakamaru-San and Kato-San. With next to no sleep Park and I woke up this morning and headed to Odaiba for the Nostalgic car meet only to find the event itself wasn’t very interesting, however it is a known fact here in Japan that the parking lots bring out the best of the best and today that fact was on point. Here is a shot after all these amazing cars left the Odaiba PA squatting on the road. I am now back up in Tokyo living with Park for the next few weeks before jetting back to Australia. We have some amazing events lined up so keep your eyes peeled! Casey x


May 16th, 2012

Whilst I have a spare few days I’m going to do a little update. The past two and a half weeks have been amazing to say the least. As I mentioned before, I came to Japan with 5 of my good friends which has lead us from Tokyo, up into northern Japan and all the way down to Osaka. We’ve approximately driven 2,000km’s in 2 weeks. With all my friends now home or on their way back to Australia lets look back on the past few weeks. In the Tokyo and northern parts of Japan we got to see Daikoku PA meetups, Street drifting in Tokyo, a few meetings at Nikko Circuit, Spring Matsuri at Ebisu, Drift Muscle at Sports Land Sugo, Fuji Speedway track sprints and drifting and everything else in between. During our time up north we decided to leave the Drift Muscle competition a few hours early to check out some of the disaster zones from last years earthquake / tsunami that swept through Sendai and the Fukushima prefecture, needless to say it was very upsetting to see the affected areas. Once we left Tokyo to head to Osaka things have become a lot more relaxing, however we have still managed to keep the car craze going. Myself and Nick have spent a few days exploring the Kansai area including Up Garage’s, car yards and even a few workshops. One of the highlights of being in Kansai was this past weekend which we spent in Nagoya, about 2 hours north of Osaka. We spent the Saturday looking around Up Garage’s and even a truck store. From there we checked into central Nagoya before finding some action out near the docks which lead us to next to no sleep before a full day at YZ Circuit for MSC, however it was all worthwhile. With 4 nights remaining in Osaka I’m catching up on uploading photos and most importantly backing them up. I will also be exploring Shinsaibashi and heading to a little drift day on Thursday before getting ready for a huge weekend at Central Circuit for the Hellaflush meeting Mark and the team have put on. I hope you’re enjoying the updates and look forward to writing and posting much more. Casey x

Rainy Fuji Speedway

May 15th, 2012

A few weeks ago we headed out to Fuji Speedway for a TD Drift Club day on the short course. Unfortunately a few days prior we had a massive amount of rain in the Tokyo area which continued into our day at Fuji. Loading up with umbrellas and ponchos kept us motivated to get out and shoot around the huge precinct. After watching some drifting we thought we’d check out the main pit area where we found some amazing Porsche’s. More to come soon x


May 14th, 2012

On the way to the Up Garage in Utsomiya from Nikko we spotted this fellow washing his very low Lexus outside his home. It was asking for a photo x

A Weekend In Nagoya

May 13th, 2012

A weekend away in Nagoya couldn’t have possibly gotten any better. From a full day trawling through shops such as Up Garage and truck stores. Then, to a very special workshop which I will go in depth on a later date. Concluded by a round of MSC at the ever so scenic ヒガシ YZ Circuit. A team I’ve been following for years are the R32 Low Down Style crew from the Nagoya region which surprisingly were at the event. We have had around 2 hours sleep over the weekend so it’s time to get some rest x


May 11th, 2012

Last week we made it to the RB Meeting at Nikko Circuit which was the first of our events to check out. We had planned to meet up with Shingo, Muko, Yuu and Taku-San from LOWBRAIN. Unfortunately Taku’s car wasn’t running so smoothly so it was only out for 3-4 laps. Luckily, in that time I got a few keepers of the lowdown Laurel sweeping through the tight corners at Nikko. These guys are a very kind team and I really look forward to getting to know them more! More photos coming soon x

Shinsaibashi, Osaka

May 11th, 2012

Shinsaibashi, Osaka x