KP61 at Bihoku Highland

March 31st, 2012

For all the KP61 fans. This little Kp61 sitting on XR-4’s and Watanabe’s was such a perfect little car sitting in the pits of Bihoku.

TJ x Casey Attack Bihoku

March 30th, 2012

The roll of film I’ve been waiting for. The last drift day of our tour last year from the Kansai region of Japan. A few days before we departed we headed down south to Okayama which is in between Osaka and Hiroshima, almost exactly half way. The drive is about 3 hours on the expressway which passes through a handful of long, dark tunnels that cut through a gorgeous range of mountains. Exiting the expressway and finding the circuit is a little difficult but once you’re on the right track it’s a very scenic trip. In case you didn’t notice Bihoku is located on top of a mountain top, therefor it receives a mass amount of snow in the colder seasons which you have probably seen throughout videos on the internet.

Entering the gates of Bihoku, I was expecting to see the Highland Circuit immediately, however, it was this little track that you first drive past in order to get to the Highland Circuit which is located just behind this one. After spending some time prepping the cars and having a little chat to the locals TJ and myself decided to go on the A Circuit as there was not a single car driving it. So, without any more talking here are a handful of photos I managed to capture whilst TJ was tearing up Bihoku in his RPS13.

The first track is so tight which has plenty of elevation…

…running through trees…

…down into super tight hairpins.

Hopefully on our next trip we’ll be able to head down to Bihoku again!

Masayoshi Nagano’s RPS13

March 29th, 2012

This, without a doubt is probably one of the grooviest looking RPS13s I’ve seen to date. I have had the pleasure of seeing this car in the flesh during my trip to Osaka last year. 99.9% of posts on this blog are shot by myself from my previous trips to Japan. However I couldn’t help putting these photos up shot by Mark Warhurst on his recent trip to the mother land.

He took quite a few detail shots which I regret doing last year. Here, you can see the amazing interior on Masayoshi-sans Onevia. In case you didn’t notice Nagano Koubou is a paint shop. The custom dash has been covered in fibreglass and painted in a custom marble effect using red film and black film to create the effect. Masayoshi-san was going for a 90’s look.

In the trunk are some spare skid wheels, Longchamp XR4s. Masayoshi-san definitely digs the lowdown シャコタン style and deep, dish wheels with plenty of pull.

Finally, a shot of the man in front of his personal creation. I really hope I get the pleasure of catching up with him during my next trip. Once again, thanks to Mark Warhurst for the shots.


March 28th, 2012

Twin 2011, more to come.

Yoshida-san S15

March 27th, 2012

Sunset over Nikko Circuit with Yoshida Yuichi-san and his S15.

March 27th, 2012

GP Sports RPS13, Meihan 2011.

CoCo Ichibanya

March 26th, 2012

ここ いちばんや. Coco ICHIBANYA, I think I lost count how many times myself and the crew, especially Sam had a mouth watering curry from these restaurants. Seriously, you can’t go wrong for ¥800.

Just over 4 weeks till I can have my fix.

March 26th, 2012

LOOKKING FD3S RX-7, Meihan Sports Land 2011.

Wreck `Em Meihan Day

March 24th, 2012

The Wreck `Em Meihan drift day was a day where we were up at 3:30am and home by 8:00pm. A day where over 30gbs of memory cards were filled with awe-inspiring cars. A day where the boys on the tour drove Meihan Sports Land for the first time and for some of us, rode in with the best drivers in Japan. After all the drifting we were blessed with a gorgeous, spring sunset over the track which lead to some pretty dramatic photos. Here are a few from the afternoon.

Walking back from shooting the SuperMade SR Gloria I captured this shot, the lighting was so spot on.

Walking back, I spotted MeZ filming the Team Burst family, chatting and having a few jokes. Here is one of the drivers throwing one of the kids in the air. I am so, so fortunate to have spent a whole day hanging out with these guys, they’re definitely more than a fucking crazy drift team that’s for sure.

One of the statements Nakamura-san gave us at the end of the interview was “Lets go back to the mountains in the Osaka prefecture” where he was caught street drifting back in early 2011. Note, the smiles on peoples faces!

Here is a shot of Jesse’s beige beauty sitting in the sunset alongside Ewan’s Cresta from Nagoya.

As the presentations got set up the SuperMade gang were positioned in a perfect spot! Here is Jesse standing behind the Gloria checking out the picturesque sunset.

The SuperMade S15 was screaming out for photos all, day, long. I couldn’t get enough of the 15″ Work CR-01s.

Nakamura-san, fellow from SuperMade, Kuroi-san from M-BROS, Taguchi-san from T-Welding, Shane and Kazuya-san from B-West having a laugh.

Another glamerous shot of the low and wide Gloria from SuperMade with a bunch of gaijin to back it up.

Kazuya-san having a chat about the days efforts with Team Burst, just have a look at his hand gesters.

In most videos you’ll see this little guy, you probably don’t take much notice but he is the person in control of the cars entering the track. Next time you watch a video at Meihan look out for him with the yellow or checkered flag just in front of the control tower.

Here is Yuu-san and his girlfriend during the presentations, a very good friend of Jesse’s and an unbelievable driver too.

To end the day, the Gloria exiting Meihan with blurred cherry blossoms. Meihan really is a fantastic circuit with a very relaxed and friendly vibe. 5 weeks today until I’ll be back in Japan x

March 24th, 2012

I thought I’d post up a shot of my little Corolla. The car hasn’t received too much love lately as I’m currently saving for other things. None of the less it will get a makeover when I return home.