Happy New Years

December 30th, 2012

Happy New Year & Happy Holidays – STI Store x


December 29th, 2012

夜じかん x

Magic streets x

横浜 わんがん

December 28th, 2012

Pre-Wangan check x

Park-San checking out 1 of 2 Honda Shuttles that headed out on a quiet friday night with a few other friends on the bay of Tokyo. Cool, relaxing nights in Kanto will forever be the best x

Here is a post to say thanks a lot for your following over the past few years. I hope you all enjoy your holidays and have some well-earned time off. Here is a bunch of random, favourite images I picked out specifically to share with you. Merry Christmas everyone. Take the time to let everything drift away and enjoy life while it’s here. Casey x


December 20th, 2012

Pair of Shuttles hanging out at Enoshima on a warm Spring night overlooking the bay and Mt Fuji x


December 19th, 2012

I don’t normally include a whole heap of text on this site, however I actually want to but I am no professional journalist. Here is my attempt at telling a story during my last night of Japan. The only thing missing I think are the other 1,000 photos I took this night. Enjoy~

This was my last night/morning in Japan during my last trip. Myself, Curtis, Charles and Park all headed out around the Yokohama area to scope down some action. Cut a long story short the night was by far one of the funnest out of the entire trip – non-stop streeting till around 4:30 in the morning. Luckily Park and I chose to grab a lift back to the Yokohama station with Charles in order to get the first track back into Shibuya. On the way home I thought it would be a good opportunity to shoot some non-car related photos. The first photo here is getting back onto the expressway from the port area. Sun rising, traffic increasing and the temperatures rapidly rising. We had no sleep in around 25 hours and I had to board a plane that same night.

As we drove onto the expressway, formerly known as the Wangan I saw over to the left hand-side the sun hitting the banks of Chiba which is directly across the bay, towards the Narita International Airport. It was an interesting moment as the sun hadn’t hit us on the Yokohama side of the bay however it was shining all its glory directly onto the factories chuffing away across the bay.

The photo I took looking over towards Chiba was taken right after we stopped into Daikoku Futo for a quick refresher. Jumping back on the Wangan and crossing the ever so gorgeous Yokohama Bay Bridge which you can see above. If you look closely towards the back left of the photo you’ll see the infamous rings of the Daikoku PA.

Exiting off the Expressway and into Yokohama City I was pretty blown away with how picturesque this place was. I had seen it from distance many many times, especially heading to Daikoku and what-not but once you get a little closer all the finer details become prettier by the second. I have to thank Charles and Curtis for taken a bit of a scenic route to the station, made me fall in love with Japan that little bit more.

After a 11 hour night with a bunch of friends including the LOWBRAIN family we once again saw them driving subtly through the centre of Yokohama. Takuya-Sans C34 looks even better when the photo wasn’t planned. The noise of the RB rasping off the vintage buildings of the city will be something I’ll remember for some time.

We arrived a little before the first train was set to arrive so we took the time to jump out and capture some early morning photos of Yokohama.

This was of course one of those moments I got to re-cap over 2 months of being in Japan. Made so many new contacts, friends, and was so thankful I got to see so much more of what the country has to offer. It was one of those days I somehow got to appreciate it all so much more and was definitely a perfect way to finish off a 2 month trip. Really looking forward to boarding a flight back to it all x

A few days in to my last trip we saw a golden opportunity during Golden Week in Japan to venture out of Tokyo to Nikko Circuit for the RB Meeting that was being held. The drive to the circuit from central Tokyo is around 2-2.5 hours pending traffic. During Golden Weeks it tends to be pretty blocked up, especially around central Tokyo leading out to the main expressways. Back on track, this A31 was by far a favourite, super simple styling – slammed on SSRs and was driving consistently all day long. Will be sure to dig up more images of this Cefiro on the track x

広島チーム x