late 2022 nishi nihon (all west japan shootout) down south at the very infamous and weathered setonaikai circuit located in ehime prefecture on the island of tokushima.

this competition in short ranges from mie prefecture all the way down south to kagoshima including the entire island of tokushima where the top 16 drivers of each prefecture go into battle with one another spread across the whole west of japan annually. the competition is spread across 3 titles, tanso (single runs), twin (twin drift paired with a partner of your choice, not a battle but to put on the most aggressive and closest performance possible) and finally an overall, regional winner from a prefecture.

below are some videos from the day, spread across 2 separate ones dividing saturday’s practice and sunday’s competition day. plenty of onboard and outside RAW footage for you to enjoy

final results
tanso (single) overall 6th place
twin dori (twin) overall 3rd place
regional winner (nara) overall 1st place

a very large thank you to drift tengoku for the amazing action photos, also featured in this month’s 2023 february issue. love alwayssss x


January 19th, 2023

despite the extreme amount of people here conducting taking photos of cars extremely hard this was my perspective from this years 2023 tokyo auto salon held in makuhari messe, tokyo, japan. enjoy x


January 6th, 2023

end of year meihan c course in the 2530 S13 in which i haven’t driven in a long few months. full half day of driving with 0 dramas and lots of onboard footage. these videos are somewhat of a vlog (without talking) / timeline style video so the driving gets somewhat more exciting as the day and video goes on. grab a beer and enjoy the weekend.

thumbnail photo screenshot from Pliskin RR youtube – thank you
中入地浩二さん thank you for the extra outside footage x


January 6th, 2023

another year down and another amazing one that is full of memories and situations that unfolded that are still anything beyond my younger imagination.

i want to take this moment to wish you all an amazing end of year and happy new year to each and every single one of you who follow this SHIRTSTUCKEDIN life and journey – nothing would be anywhere near the scale it is today without your following and support and hope you all know that – i will continue to keep pushing further into the sky with media creation, driving and of course the line of SHIRTSTUCKEDIN inventory in the new year.

stay safe keep your loved ones close and have fun along the way. HAPPY NEW YEAR love from japan continue to spread positivity and love within one another 皆さんあけおめよろしくお願いします来年もよろしくお願いします楽しみです x