casey dhnaram. thirty-one, australian, residing in kansai, japan. visuals, young once. inspired by the older days x

thanks for looking at shirtstuckedin. hope you enjoy scrolling through the archives of photographs I’ve captured over the past decade plus throughout japan. if you’re looking to support myself and the site you can purchase goodies here x


Shirtstuckedin PTY LTD
ABN: 21 610 561 665  

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    we just started and we want people to see what we have here in vegas.

    its called the ice cream life

    hope to hear back from you.

  2. craze191st Says:

    love the blog, keep it up!

  3. Rob Skoglund Says:

    Greetings from Sweden , You have a really nice site!

  4. Ruslan Says:

    Keeping your blog in favorites for almost a year) Props from Russia!

  5. Chak Says:

    Man, your blog is straight up visual abuse! Always ALWAYS a pleasure visiting it. Something I don’t actually do normally. So much content out there, yours just continues to pain my mind with awesome. Thank you. Keep it coming.

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  7. indeciso Says:

    This web really drives me crazy! greetings from Madrid, Spain.

  8. Joshua Says:

    Your blog is nothing short of amazing, you live such an interesting life and you have an amazing eye for photography, allowing us to see and follow what you’re experiencing. Your blog is by far the best thing I’ve ever come across on the internet. Please continue to what you’re doing, I hope to visit Japan one day too.

    – Josh (UK)

  9. Chanuka Says:

    Hey Casey
    LOVE THE SITE JUST ONE THING can you add a gallery! On JDMST they have a picture from you its got a 180sx in tokyo city i really want to see more photos like that unfortunately i cant find it… 🙁 so perhaps you could leave a link at least?

  10. Catalina Says:

    Hey Casey!
    Could you give me an e-mail address to contact you for advertising opportunities??

  11. CaseyD Says:


  12. Bayo30 Says:

    Hey Dude,
    Really nice blog. you do very nice pictures, what’s your camera model?

    I’m Frenche and my dream is to go to Japan, caus’ I love drifting, fixed gear bike etc.
    Thanks for this cool website and have fun !

    Bye bye

  13. kalveeto Says:

    I wish my blog was as original as yours. Keep up the great work brah. Alohas.

    ps. Peep my website whenever you have the chance. Only a selected few choose to prosper in a Nissan Primera. BUMBAIYOULEARN.

  14. Michael Says:

    Love the photos, went to japan this year but never got to do anything to do with cars. Will be making another trip for sure.

  15. David Vu Says:

    love your pictures! i was wondering what kind of lens do you use for all your shots, at least what’s in ur arsenal when goin in the field?

  16. CaseyD Says:

    David, 35L, 50L and 135L

  17. TRK Says:

    Good job, the pictures look so crisp!
    I love the grimy night photos as well.
    Keep up the great work, I envy you for getting to shoot these beautiful cars!

  18. Jordan Says:

    Hey Casey, any news on when you might have some more stickers for sale? Keep up this excellent source of inspiration! Cheers from over the ditch.

  19. Alexander Says:

    Hey Casey, Im heading to japan in about 10 days going to Tokyo,Kyoto and osaka and all around is there any car related places you would recommended to visit, big fan of old jap cars. Thanks Alex

  20. Jacob Says:

    I have to admit, this is honestly the best car blog I’ve ever seen. It’s so much better than all the fanboy feeling sites with flashy colors, ads, and girls distracting the viewers from what the whole purpose of the site is. I enjoy those, but I come to and it feels like a dream and the simplistic layout is just perfect. I don’t know why it strikes such a good chord in me but man.. it does, haha.

  21. Tim Baker Says:

    Hey Casey,

    Love the site keep up the good work!!

    Have ordered some stickers to show support all the way over in the UK 🙂

  22. Pat Newman Says:

    Casey, when are you going back to Japan? It looks like a mad trip. Shooting awesome cars, getting amongst the car scene there. Are there any major websites/forums you visit to see what’s happening there?

  23. Michael Says:

    Big fan of the blog . keep it up !

  24. NethingCars Says:

    Hey man, we love the blog, and obviously your photography! We’re a new and up-coming website that is all about cars in general, whether they race, drift, or are strictly for show. Feel free to check us out at . Looking forward to hearing back! Good luck in the future for both you, your website, and your photography!

    – Corey, Founder of Nething Cars.

  25. Ryan Says:

    favourite blog on the internet

  26. RiZ Says:

    Great blog mate! I love it!
    I will buy a couple stickers =)

  27. Amir Prses Says:

    hey casey, keep up the awesome work! I was wondering if you ended up getting my email or not, thanks!

  28. Jesse Ray Says:

    Hey Casey, huge fan of shirtstuckedin, your style, videos and of course shooting!
    Was going to ask, and im sure you get riddled with people asking the same question, if you
    have any more of the old style shirtstuckedin stickers available to purchase?

    Im buying a new daily 87 mazda 929 and need to rep it.

    Thanks Jesse

  29. CaseyD Says:

    Hey Jesse, thanks for your kind words! At the moment there are next to no stickers in stock however they will eventually be re-produced very soon!

  30. Jesse Ray Says:

    that sounds great, appreciate the response man 🙂

  31. Luke.S Says:

    Hey Casey,
    Where do i begin. I love your stuff. there are plenty of brilliant and talented people out there pointing lenses at incredible cars but what stands out for me is your style. i like following your blog and your portrayal of Japan is great, i cant wait to get over there myself. i was wondering, out of the thousands of photo’s you got in japan, did you snap any WRX wagons specifically the 2007 model. id be interested in seeing actual JDM one’s of these.
    keep up the good work, thanks.

  32. Justin Yamamoto Says:

    Hey man I really enjoy your work! I’m a fellow photographer into cars and will be spending a week in Japan from august 28th through september 2nd! While I’m there are two events going on, both on the 1st. One is the d1SL at ebisu and the other an open track day at mobara! Will the journey from tokyo to ebisu be worth it? or should i just stay close (and cheaper) route to mobara? I just want to see drifting in japan and need help deciding! One buddy says ebisu isn’t worth it, but i mean ebisu is like the sickest place to watch drifting and its all you hear about so I think it would be legendary to say I’ve been to ebisu before! Thanks for any opinions, I’m trying to plan out the trip in japan!

  33. Rastaracer Says:

    Too bad you couldn’t make your way out to the Ghetto Garage…much 86 and automobile <3 there.

  34. Nik Makin Says:

    Hey Casey!

    Greetings from Canada. This is Nik, we met at Circuit Soul in Van when you were over for a visit. So glad you, amongst many others, were able to make it and say hi. Heres my email so hit me up. Im looking forward to paying you a visit in Aus someday! Keep up the great work!


  35. Sondre Says:

    I really like youre site and photography. The pictures are alwas clean with interesting composisions. Youre definenty one I look up to when it comes to composision! Keep on doing what you do, youre good at it. Ill buy some stickers 🙂

  36. james tucker Says:

    hey buddy, I’m in japan at the moment (osaka) and want to check out some track days. doesn’t really matter where they are. would like some pointers of where to get some information if you could help? cheers dude!

  37. Dano Says:

    Hey Casey, I just thought you should know that anytime I want to change my desktop background, I only go to this blog and grab one of your awesome shots! I’m also a huge nineties fan, honestly should have grown up in Cali during the early nineties, wearing neon tanks and shorts, Converse Cons ERX 15s and skipping classes to surf while jamming out to Blink or something haha. I’m an avid nineties car lover, and recently fell in love with Classic Japanese cars, you know, old school Celicas, Fairlady Zs, Datsun 510s and old school Skylines. My current goal is to buy an old 1970 MG MGB GT, while a British car, I thought it’d be wicked cool to motor swap it with and RB26 or something, who has ever seen that?! No one that I know of. I hope to build a cliffside house/complex on the coast of Japan, but currently I am in school over here in the US and a soon to be United State’s Marine, so it will be a while from now until I have those kind of finances. I thought I’d share all of this with you because you seem to be living out the trackside dream I hope to acquire one day. Keep up the awesome work man!

  38. Micha Says:

    hey casey, keep up the awesome work!
    Me and my mates checkin ur blog every day :3

    greetings from germany !!

  39. Danny Says:

    Hello! I really like your photography and was wondering how do you upload such crisp pictures on facebook?
    I did almost everything to get the best quality on facebook and all i could get was 2048px and save as .PNG. I wanted to upload something in smaller resolution like 960px which is perfect but can not find how.

    Upload more pictures! Can’t get enough eye candy.

  40. ujc Says:

    No.1/love it, keep up!
    visit us too

  41. Willi Says:

    Hey, love the great shots and the nonperfect cars. That`s reality 🙂

    Could you please write an mail if we can use some of the pics for our header/backscreen of our homepage?

  42. Johan Says:

    Would love to see some grip racing cars and events as well as drifting. Love your blog and images.

  43. celia336 Says:

    And this is what I consider awesome content. Maintain the good work.

  44. Wyatt L. Says:

    I stumbled across your profile on Instagram not too long ago and have been following ever since! Your photos are so intriguing, and it only makes my love for Japanese car culture grow. I recently ordered a sticker and can’t wait to receive it and rep you over here in the States. Soon I will be attending my first year of college.. After my schooling I wish to visit Japan several times, and your content continues to drive me towards that goal. Excellent work my friend, keep it up!

    (Also, your PS13 is jaw-dropping. Absolutely love it!!)

  45. Eric brosz Says:

    Hi I ordered a sticker almost two months ago and still haven’t seen it. I’d appreciate it if someone contacted me on the matter as it wasn’t a cheap sticker. That or I’d like a full refund. Please contact me.

  46. shandra5356 Says:

    It is obvious that this specific blog post is one of the finest I’ve found today. It’s also obvious the individual who’s website this is put much work into it. Great work!

  47. Alfredo Carrillo Says:

    hey casey awesome work, ive been follow you for a while.

    i was wondering if you could help me out with somthing, i couldnt find your email so shoot me an email at:

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