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From the moment I started this little blog I was never in any kind of rush or intentions to upload a bunch of photos at once. I am a firm believer that photos, like a fine wine get better with age. Unfortunately enough in 2006 I wasn’t around shooting cars overseas just yet, however magazines and online forums were definitely apart of my daily ritual whilst dodging any kind of school-based work I could – being in grade 9.

Recently Alexi from NoriYaro sent me the remaining images he shot at E-Course, Meihan Sports Land back in 2006 – 12 years ago now consisting of Team Burst & Friends. It is pretty safe to say that the majority of you that follow drifting in Japan have seen the little article he release a number of years ago, however I knew there had to be some more images that were yet to see the internet. Enjoy!

This PS13 in particular was by far one of my favourite Silvia’s and probably still is owned by Hiroaki-San.

Aki-Fujio-San member of Otokichi Family in Mie-Prefecture.

Photos of Nakamura Naoki-San linking the rear section without transitioning. Nothing but pretty colors, chrome 17s and TRUST mid-mount noises…

…shallow angle and tire-fender rubbing.

Nothing but close and aggressive driving with fibreglass flying everywhere.

Young Fujio-San and hit crystal Hitman steering.

To conclude enjoy the infamous nostalgic video shot by Laurence JDMISM from this day. Thank you to Alexi for the remaining shots. Casey x


higashi-osaka parking area x

mitsuyoshi nishio-san. 音吉ファマリー leader from mie prefecture on a perfect, crisp morning at meihan x