meihan D course RAW onboard video has now been uploaded to our YOUTUBE channel. super relaxed day of driving with friends playing with the car from last october. ended up blowing the 4.6 diff towards the end of the day however i have ordered brand new gears from nissan so hoping to get back out late this month πŸ™‚ x

another edit from mid last year – meihan sports land c course drift practice day june 24th 2020 in nara prefecture. this is a RAW onboard video from the day starting with solo runs into some fun with friends. car was still 4.3 gearing here. will continue to edit more and more videos from last year i have in files yet to be cut & edited. thank you KOYORAD, STANCE suspension & N-style as always x support SHIRTSTUCKEDIN by checking out the online store below x


the newest product to be added to the DRIVING FORCE family produced by SHIRTSTUCKEDIN: 1980s car interior mood lamps which also double as a cigarette igniter via the top hole of the lamp. these products from tooling all the way through to packaging have been in the works for a little over 20 months and now finally at the stage where we have announced a time & date for them to be ready for purchase below. 6 color variants to be easily match to you car’s interior.

as always thank you, enjoyy the weekend. caseyyyy x

this sunday 8PM PST (USA time)
this monday 2PM AEST( AUS time) / 1PM GMT ( JAPAN time)


February 15th, 2021

the following items have been re-stocked and now available via our online store.

– DRIVING FORCE pink marble shift knobs – 12mm x 1.25mm
– DRIVING FORCE head & harness cushions
– DRIVING FORCE mechanic gloves (new XS sizing available also)
– SHIRTSTUCKEDIN reflective USA sized number plate frames
– SHIRTSTUCKEDIN nara prefecture club stickers


F30 In Mikami Auto

February 8th, 2021

perfection F30 leopard in mikami auto, hiroshima.

miss this event, location and times – sadly this event got cancelled a few years ago alongside many other famous kyusha and kaido racer annual meetings. i will be starting to flow through archives from the years and doing regular posts again (most likely with minimal writing) feel free to comment anything specific you’d love to see. caseyyy x


February 5th, 2021

GIFU WORKS GX71 chaser in gifu-prefecture x

extremely cool AT141 hardtop corona for sale in japan x

a collection of photos from mobara twin circuit with nakamura naoki and both of his 2JZ S15’s at the beginning of 2020 directly after tokyo auto salon. both of these events were unfortunately cancelled this year due to the pandemic still hanging around. enjoyy x


February 2nd, 2021

TEC-ARTS 2.2L 4 throttle SR20DE. 301.6PS that revs to 9,5000RPM. photos shot at nikko circuit at the beginning of winter in 2016 x

a quick little onboard cut & edit of nakamura naoki in his 3.4L 2JZ 1000PS D1GP S15 silvia. this was taken at suzuka twin in the middle of summer last year prior to D1GP re-booting during the pandemic period. enjoying cutting up videos that i’ve taken over the years especially RAW in-car onboards – favorite. enjoyy x