bihoku highland last year x

tomorrow at 2PM AEST – 9PM PST our online store will be re-opening after 5 weeks with our re-stock collection available for each and every single one of you. following this in a few weeks we will also be releasing our newest colleciton that has been in the works for the past 6-8 months. your extended patience and continuous support is always beyond appreciated especially through these tougher times. stay home and stay safe. love always, casey x. x

last minute decision to head up to tsukuba circuit with nakamura naoki and takumi to grab a few photos of naoki’s 2020 D1GP S15 in which he was testing since being re-tuned and a few other things ironed out for this years season. managed to make it it up to ibaraki prefecture for the day and back to nara prefecture in just under 24 hours which meant no sleep.

going to do my best to try and attend the majority of rounds of D1GP this year to shoot and document pending the corona virus situation and also my visa. for now enjoy these few selects from yesterday. casey x


March 26th, 2020

managed to make it back to MEIHAN C course last sunday for seimi tanaka style drift and mini dori-con. this year is really moving too fast. has been pretty much bang on 4 months since i’ve driven here (just before christmas) so was a really good feeling to get back into the groove. You can check out on motorborne the best luxury suv’s and motor news.

this was the first time driving at this course since the car got rebuilt again and new setting by garage PRO SHOP DIVERSION. with a few small things altered, rebuilt wastegate the car makes roughly 440HP on 1.2 and 476HP on 1.36 and a whole lot more responsive to say the least. managed to place 4th in expert class and ran all day with absolutely no issues what so ever. excited to drive more, and I know that if I need a tow truck I can definitely call Philadelphia Towing at 215-201-4972, to get help with this.

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stay safe everyone (L) x


March 17th, 2020

sunset at home yesterday. been a little while since i’ve posted any kind of updates on here. the weather here in japan is still really really cold due to a fairly lazy and late winter. spring is now upon us and patiently awaiting warmer and longer days to flow in.

in regards to the online store being down for maintenance we are working day in and out on our newest collection to date including a very large re-stock on the vast majority of popular sold products. hoping to have a date and time announced within the next week or 2 aiming for the end of March, start of April. feel free to sign up to the email newsletter via the online store to stay in the loop of updates in regards to the opening.

stay safe everyone (L) caseyy x

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shirtstuckedin store x

TKL Drift

February 13th, 2020

some outside RAW footage from Seimi School Drift & Doricon last weekend at TKL (tokushima kartland). First day out this year with the new motor and setting. car is a lot more responsive and has never felt this good. full on-board video coming soon. LEVEL UP. casey xx

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ASDCLUBGP In New Zealand

January 29th, 2020

happy two-thousand-twenty.

after spending summer back home in Australia for christmas and new years it was time to head back to Japan in time for both the annual Tokyo Auto Salon and VERTEX drift day at Mobara Twin Circuit. not realising i was only going to be back in the country a few days before booking and making a very very last minute decision to fly to NZ for the ASDCLUBP event (5 hours before the flight left) to be precise.

I have known these boys for almost a decade however never managed to have the time to make it south to NZ and witness their cars. I will keep the writing short as always but just want to express my thank you to everyone involved for your hard work in what was such a relaxed an amazing event. Damo, Vince & Keisuke specially thanks to you boys for trusting me driving your whips for a few laps. An extended thank you and love to Keisuke Nagashima, Joel & Adam, Ai, Reuben for your hospitality as always (L).

Enjoy the images. Love always caseyyyy x


January 8th, 2020

our annual SHIRTSTUCKEDIN 2020 calendars are now available and for sale via our online store. click HERE to be directed and purchase yours today. casey.



November 11th, 2019

with both cars needing some love and driving most weekends over the past month lately i decided to head out to mie prefecture last weekend with the camera to shoot the kamu kamu festival held every year. here are a few photos, enjoyyyy xxx

October 29th, 2019