Masayoshi Nagano’s RPS13

March 29th, 2012

This, without a doubt is probably one of the grooviest looking RPS13s I’ve seen to date. I have had the pleasure of seeing this car in the flesh during my trip to Osaka last year. 99.9% of posts on this blog are shot by myself from my previous trips to Japan. However I couldn’t help putting these photos up shot by Mark Warhurst on his recent trip to the mother land.

He took quite a few detail shots which I regret doing last year. Here, you can see the amazing interior on Masayoshi-sans Onevia. In case you didn’t notice Nagano Koubou is a paint shop. The custom dash has been covered in fibreglass and painted in a custom marble effect using red film and black film to create the effect. Masayoshi-san was going for a 90’s look.

In the trunk are some spare skid wheels, Longchamp XR4s. Masayoshi-san definitely digs the lowdown シャコタン style and deep, dish wheels with plenty of pull.

Finally, a shot of the man in front of his personal creation. I really hope I get the pleasure of catching up with him during my next trip. Once again, thanks to Mark Warhurst for the shots.

6 Responses to “Masayoshi Nagano’s RPS13”

  1. Jake Says:

    It’s not an RPS13 lol…

  2. hirosuke Says:

    whats the full text of the sticker on the back window that say something runners 199X

  3. Sam Says:


  4. Tanner Says:

    What lip is that and can you get more pictures of the sweet headlight set up?

  5. Jesse Says:

    PS13. That’s 89-90 zenki rps13 lip (pignose) if I’m not mistaken

  6. Slappy Says:

    Now i feel like an asshole for painting my s13 coupe blue.

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