Weekend In Kansai

May 20th, 2012

This past weekend was a blast. On Friday afternoon I managed to lug myself and my baggage from Shinsaibashi down south to Kakogawa and then out west to Nishiwaki which is the station closest to Central Circuit where Hellaflush was being held on Saturday. It was great to meet up with Dino and Luke on Friday evening and then shooting all day at Hellaflush on Saturday. I met and caught up with so many great people the vibes were sensational which is precisely what Mark is all about with his events. After a full day of shooting in the harsh sun we began our trip back to Tokyo with some US fellows – Curtis and Charles from the base, Rod from AUTOnGRAPHIC, Colin from DOHCresearch and Park from Hightopfade. Also, a few Japanese fellows – Shota-San, Muko-San, Nakamaru-San and Kato-San. With next to no sleep Park and I woke up this morning and headed to Odaiba for the Nostalgic car meet only to find the event itself wasn’t very interesting, however it is a known fact here in Japan that the parking lots bring out the best of the best and today that fact was on point. Here is a shot after all these amazing cars left the Odaiba PA squatting on the road. I am now back up in Tokyo living with Park for the next few weeks before jetting back to Australia. We have some amazing events lined up so keep your eyes peeled! Casey x

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  1. Sam Says:


  2. green_pea Says:

    what an epic photo!


  3. Mamet Says:

    very nice coverage Casey..cant wait for my turn to go to Japan..any suggestion on where to go for the ‘cars’?

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