September 13th, 2020

Welcome to the custom car world of Kansai, Japan – Osaka Auto Messe 2020 – similar to Tokyo’s Auto Salon – Osaka has its own kind with a little twist of style and presentation.

Similar to January’s Tokyo Auto Salon the Osaka Auto Messe is just a few short weeks after leading into early February which still means absolutely freezing temperatures here in Japan. This too was my first time attending the Auto Messe however this year was a little uncertain with the global COVID-19 pandemic booming during this period. Based off that I was only at the event from the early morning for no more than an hour to quickly walk around and shoot everything that was appealing to me.

This event is held at the port of Osaka near Nanko – Intex Osaka. This event has been running annually since 1997 so has plenty of returning and renowned car shops and business’ showcasing their cars and art every year. It’s estimated that well over 200,000+ people spectate this car show event over the course of the 3 days. If you’re into cars new and old just like the Tokyo Auto Salon i highly recommend visiting this show at least once in your lifetime.

The dates for 2021 have been confirmed which will be the 25th anniversary for the Osaka Auto Messe so expect very large things – let’s all hope the pandemic situation has diluted down completely by then for an amazing year ahead. For those interested February 2021 13-15th. Casey x

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