March 13th, 2013

RWB like any other amazingly built machine on the internet these days become viral on every social media network. With all the social media these days it’s kind of hard to think that people constantly re-posting these actually have a thorough understanding and passion for what has actually been created. A thing that I learn in going to Japan is respecting every single thing that I become face to face with. RWB Porsche’s over the last few years have recently boomed across the internet. Like many other cars, I’ve witnessed a huge amount of media, including old publications from Japanese magazines and websites of these cars in their early stages however to see them in the flesh was a refreshing experience.

Meeting Nakai-San in his workshop in Chiba was definitely a highlight of last years trip. To see someone that dedicated, focused but at the same time relaxed and happy about everything that happens around him is truly inspiring. There is really no other like the Japanese people, their spirits truly hit you like a wave of inspiration and will forever be with you.

The Idlers meeting in late Spring showcased a huge variety of RWB Porsche’s, one being the almighty TUNERHAUS. Here is one photo I managed to capture prior to heading out for some practice. 2.5 weeks out. More soon x

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  1. David Says:

    Those RWB’s are the definition of beauty and function, I would love to see one

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