Fabulous Fabrications

August 30th, 2012

Yesterday I finally had my car booked in to get a custom exhaust made up by Nathan from Fabulous Fabrications. You might have seen a lot of posts here and there in regards to Effsqaured or Fabulous Fabrictions purely because I want to help a good friend of mine get a kick-start in the industry. Nathan has been welding for a little over 5 years now but has generally been caught in a job where his skills couldn’t really shine to the surface, however that has changed over the past couple of weeks. He has recently transitioned from his full-time job at a welding company to his own fabrication business.

Yesterday I had booked in for a full exhaust which I was seriously excited about. I offered to hang out with him for the day, talk smack, give a helping hand and help time fly by. These selected images below go from the exhaust being tacked up all the way through to the finish product alongside the standard exhaust. I have to say it was awesome watching Nathan work his magic on his own stomping grounds, so relaxed in every way possible and is super swift at getting his work done.

If you’re located in Brisbane, or even Australia and looking for fabrication work for your car be sure to contact him fabulousfabrications@hotmail.com. I actually feel privileged to have a good friend of mine who can produce such stunning metal work locally. Specialising in extractors, exhausts, custom bash plates and engine piping I’m sure Nathan can fit you up and produce something of such quality for you. Be sure to head over to his site and follow him: EFFSQUARED x

All images shot with iPhone4S as I’m currently without a DSLR.

6 Responses to “Fabulous Fabrications”

  1. trashpale Says:

    das’nice. installed pics?

  2. Dann Says:

    Sweet! Too bad I’m in New Zealand, If I wasn’t I would be keen as to get some of this done! Does he polish all his metal? Soo shiny!

  3. emmanuelb110 Says:

    what size did you used??? 2.5?? i love it great work done right there

  4. Tarmac Attack Says:

    So dope man! I’d love to get something like this fab’d up for my Skyline…

  5. ZeemaiiBuzzer Says:

    look like 3″ pipe

  6. chan luu チャンルー Says:

    ロレックス 価格

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