N/A R32

August 22nd, 2012

This N/A powered RB R32 Skyline was one of the grooviest cars in the paddock at Nikko Circuit for the RB Meeting a few months ago. It was refreshing to see a touch of old school style added to this 4 door with its lowness, 15″ Watanabe’s and six-throttled-setup RB motor. Absolutely awesome. More detailed photos to come on and off the track x

6 Responses to “N/A R32”

  1. Big Pooky Says:

    This is fantastic, looking forward to more photos!

  2. Tarmac Attack Says:

    Ohmygod….this car is so dope! I love extraordinary builds like this, the one’s that make you feel like a little kid in a dinosaur exhibit. Loving all your pictures dude.

  3. Jordan Says:

    More shots! more specs too please!

  4. emmanuelb110 Says:

    god!!! zilla!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. samo Says:

    6 banging, wow i bet that sounds awwwwwsum, babababababdadadada

  6. samo Says:

    any shots of this going sideways?

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