July 16th, 2012

Since returning home from Japan I have been posting daily updates on what I captured in the seven weeks I spent overseas. Since then I haven’t really spoken about what I really did on the trip, it has just been non-stop random posts from my archives. I feel as if I need to get more of a point across to you, as readers of Shirtstuckedin so here is my attempt to do so. The main idea of this site is somewhere that I can publish all that I’ve captured during my travels to Japan from my home, Australia. I want to show each and every single one of you how amazing and versatile the Japanese car culture really is, after all the majority of styles, trends and cars come from this archipelago. Since my first trip in 2010 I have been completely blown away in how the Japanese people create what they do. In saying that I don’t want to force you to be a fan of some of the styles or trends that is evolving in Japan. I don’t want to force you to like everything that gets posted, but to respect what these incredible people strive to create. Whether it be a Hellflush inspired style EG Civic with sticker bombed guards or a 600hp drift car, 110% will go into it and that is what you learn to respect. With the internet and social medias booming like no other it’s really sad to see the amount of hate being thrusted upon styles. As quoted by Charles Kha “We should remember that we all share the same underlying love of cars.”

Getting back on track, my most recent trip was by far the best I’ve experienced. Traveling to Japan for a few weeks is nothing short of a life changing experience. Just under 2 months transformed me for a number of good reasons. In that time I not only spent countless hours shooting and meeting some of the coolest cars and people I’ve yet to come across, but gave me a better understanding on how things flow. I have to hand it to all the foreigners who live in Japan, it wouldn’t be an easy country to get settled into so I have immense amount of respect for those who are making it work. What I have also learnt is to do what you really want to do. All through high school all I wanted to do was to travel to Japan and take photos of cars that I have drooled about for so many years. I’m not saying that I have reached my goals or got to a stage in life where I’m content, actually far from it. I’m saying if you want to do something like travel to Japan, do it. The world is at our fingertips, you probably hear this everyday, but seriously it is. Yeah, it might cost a few thousand dollars but we live once, if you’re into cars and an amazing culture such as Japan, which I know all of you who are reading this are then I urge you to do it. It will change you for good, freshen your mind and make you appreciate every individual style people aim to create which is what I’d love to see my audience do. It is one thing to create a blog, or a Facebook page these days and post photos that others have captured over the past 3 decades in Japan. Not saying that is necessarily a bad thing but it is sad to see how much time is being wasted looking, reposting rather than doing. Like I stated above and you all know, we live once, so live and experience it! Traveling and exploring a culture such as Japan will really make you appreciate.

During my last week in Japan I decided to walk around a few areas, more specifically Shinjuku and Shibuya. There were a few afternoons where I would go to the main crossing and just take it all in. Above is a photo I captured on a gorgeous spring afternoon during peak hour. As clichéd as this area is to photograph it is seriously breathtaking so I had to post it. Don’t go anywhere because I have hardly scratched the surface on the content from my previous trip. The updates will continue as always. I hope you have a better understanding on how I’m trying to direct each of you individually. Thanks for your support as always, Casey. If you’re wanting to explore previous Japanese photo galleries on Shirtstuckedin, you can simply click 2011 or 2010 and browse freely. Enjoy x

Japan 2010

Japan 2011

13 Responses to “Update”

  1. Mez Says:

    “but it is sad to see how much time is being wasted looking, reposting rather than doing”

    Straight up.

    Oh man if dudes put hours into creating rather than hating…

  2. Joshua Says:

    Great post man and nice capture, I too hope to do what you’ve achieved one day. You say you give respect to those who immigrate there, is it really that hard to adapt to Japan’s life? I’ve read this quite a lot on the internet and is quite worry as I have strong ambitions to move there. Reading your blog is the first thing I do and the last thing I do everyday man!

  3. Wone Saechao Says:

    Casey your words truly are pure and honest…Can’t wait to read more awesome Updates

  4. alex datsun Says:

    Dude, These are definitely inspiring words

  5. Quentin Says:

    This blog seriously keeps me grounded in my enthusiasm, with all the hate online, and all the american cars in formula d, your pics remind me of why i got into all this. Thanks.

  6. adrian sanchez Says:

    choice words man . It is my biggest dream to go to japan and I will! Your Pics and blogs are very helpful and informative. thanks

  7. sean Says:

    nicely put. I’ve been telling people this for 6 years.

  8. Track to Street Says:

    Awesome post Casey. Much respect and keep up the solid work. <3

  9. E.M.S. Says:

    In response to your comment that “time is being wasted looking,” consider that some people don’t have the chance to travel (or even go to local events) to take pictures themselves or they’re not interested in doing so but still admire the work of others. That being said, I think it’s great that everything is shared online.

    And this is off topic but I think you should make your text a lot bigger. I had to zoom in x3 to make the words legible (reading from a 13in screen).

  10. Trent Says:

    even before you made this post, your blog has made me want to bring my trip to japan closer, it was scheduled for the end of my uni degree, but thanks to your amazing images has been moved up to just next year! im so excited and just hope to see half the things you have portrayed through your photography! <3

  11. Mitch Says:

    big ups for everything your doing dude, iv been following you since your last japan trip and really love it. i took that advice and went with a bunch of my mates for the last ebisu matsuri (we bumped into you and your crew at the lion and tiger cages at ebusi but i didnt know until after who you were!). best trip of my life, such a strange and different country but i couldnt get enough of it.

    anyone reading this needs to take the advice and do it. i drove at ebisu, somthing i never thought i would do and i dont regret the savings i blew to go on this trip.

    i really do have to mention that the japanese people are the most hospitable and kind people i have encountered overseas, especially on the car scene. anyone who has the chance needs to do it.

    anyway, HUGE respect for what you are doing casey, youve inspired me to share my own photos and make me appreciate the weird and wonderful styles and creations on the japanese car scene and i am planning to go back to another matsuri amd even try to get to some of the other tracks around the place.

    thank you.

  12. CaseyD Says:

    Thanks for all your feedback. Mitch, appreciate your words mate was good to see a lot of Aussie’s at Matsuri having a ball. We will definitely cross paths in Japan again I’m sure.

  13. Lili Says:

    thank for the great post. I’ve always been drawn in and fascinated by the Japanese car culture, anime, and of course the food. they are very humbling, and as I’ve tried to learned the language very respectful of the older age. ever since i was old enough to make my own decisions my two biggest dreams have and are Japanese influence: travel to Japan and owning a 1970 Datsun 510. your post is an inspiration to me and is constantly a pushing factor into my own dream, plus i love the pictures, very awesome. Keep doing what u do and thank you, all my respect. *i might be the only one that is rocking the sticker on a truck*

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