My New Car

July 8th, 2012

My new car. Unfortunately I sold my KE70 just before I took off to Japan a few months ago. Here is my new project, 1994 Nissan PS13 Almighty. SR20DE 5 speed manual. I’ve had the car for just over a week now and finally got out this afternoon to take some photos of it while it is 100% standard, I need to transport it from where the owner had it, but I used an Interstate Car Transport on budget to help me with this. The car will receive basic mods such as coilovers, diff and wheels and a few personal touches here and there. All in good time! 

The real question here is “who would be OK with a dump truck?” what is the biggest box truck you can drive without a cdl Well, if one has to give a good answer here is the first one who wants to go into a dump truck at all. Let’s say someone just walks into the dump truck and says “I have to stop this.” Well let’s say two things: no man should have to walk into a dump truck, and 2) if you walk into a dump truck and tell someone you have to stop it or you go to prison, there will be serious consequences.

16 Responses to “My New Car”

  1. ankles Says:

    nice pull casey!! I’ve been looking for one for myself for a few months now, my price bracket is a bit low though hahaha

    keen to see what becomes of this lovely machine!!

  2. Miles Says:

    Super jealous dude!
    VERY clean, no dash cracks, tidy engine, sr20de AND 5 speed :O..
    How many kms?

  3. Jason Lee Says:

    Nice example Dude!
    Bags the steering wheel if and when you swap it.
    No, really.

  4. Stan Says:

    15″ kyusha kai wheels, itb’s, coilovers, lsd. done.

  5. Tom Says:

    Nice! It feels wierd seeing a stock PS though. Looking forward to what you’ve got planned. ^.^

  6. scott.k Says:

    nice!! great starting point

  7. Engin Says:


  8. emmanuelb110 Says:

    this is why i love your country, inspiration for me!

  9. andy Says:

    Are those fender side winkers factory OEM?

  10. _Engineer Says:

    Very cool! Congratulations on the purchase.

  11. amitozg Says:

    omg im so jealous! great choice i hope you enjoy it!

  12. Big Pooky Says:

    Two-Tone Preservation Society! Please don’t paint it.

  13. Albert Says:

    Always nice to start off bone stock. 🙂

  14. David Says:

    Damn, wish mine was a two-tone too! Looks like a great example… keep us updated!

  15. Sean Says:

    Nice man! Definitely looking forward to seeing some updates. Hoping you got yourself a good deal on this too! Usually the SR20DE manual S13’s go for a shitload.

  16. Mariuxa Says:

    Freaky clean! like it

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