AutoSelect GT-R

April 20th, 2012

The ever so famous AutoSelect R34 GT-R Time Attack car, with its own protection x

6 Responses to “AutoSelect GT-R”

  1. 2xthefun Says:

    I could of sworn this car has a different shop it repped a few years back. I only say that because I remember spending all night trying to replicate the vinyl in Forza 2. I could not find anything though. Still looks as fast as ever! One of my favorite GT-R’s

  2. sean Says:

    haha a weimaraner…we have two

  3. Warren Says:

    The pic with the dog could be turned as a meme lol.

  4. Slappy Says:

    I’ve always loved that car!

  5. GT418 Says:

    play guitard next to this beast autoselect R34 !!! that’s cooool

  6. GT418 Says:

    this dog should smell racing fuel !!!

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