SuperMade Gloria

April 5th, 2012

Shirtstuckedin is where all my Japanese content ends up, don’t get me wrong, however I don’t feel it is necessary for feature cars as such. In saying that I’m all for featuring cars, having a closer look what lies beneath but I don’t think it really fits here. For this post, on the SuperMade SR20 Nissan Gloria it’ll be a handful of photos for you to simply enjoy to see what this gorgeous car is made up of. A company such as SuperMade definitely leaves people hanging, wanting to know more about the car, so here you go.

Compared to the S15 the Gloria hasn’t had such a big impact on the internet, in saying that I think it is just as cool, if not groovier. Why? Well in comparison to an S15 it isn’t as popular of course so when one is done to this standard it really makes you respect the hard work that has gone into it.

Filling the guards are a complete set of 18″ Work Meister’s in a contrasting black with the white, pearl paint.

The Y34 has had a bit of a change from the regular 2.5 litre. A well-built SR20DET has been installed. The power figures, I’m unsure but it definitely doesn’t hesitate when on the track.

It was quite surreal shooting the car as the sun was setting at Meihan Sports Land, some of the photos were by far my favourite from the trip last year.

Inside, two BRIDE seats have been fitted, a kevlar version for the driver and a lower model for the passenger side.

Up front there are a few minor changes such as another handbrake, power FC and a few gauges, apart from that the Y34 still remains partially in tact.

As stated above the Y34 not only looks groovy parked up but produces an awesome look when it’s drifting at Meihan. Both the S15 and Y34 came to the Wreck `Em day parked up but I think Yoshida-san felt as if he had to show us a lap or two. Lucky I had the camera ready!

This, is by far my favourite shot. The painter from SuperMade in front of the Glorious Y34. I had about 7 minutes to shoot this car and about 10 to shoot Jesse’s PS13. T- 21 days x

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  1. scott.k Says:

    man, this cars so awesome, too bad you dont see these in the US to often

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