Shakotan C33

March 23rd, 2012

A reason I love to keep my 35mm body around my shoulder when traveling. Clicking the shutter release with a film body even once costs you a small sum of money. Digital, not so much, you have the rechargeable batteries, memory card and the camera paid for, all done. Film, you have a huge range of 35mm film to choose from and then to purchase the negative film to inject into the old, rigid camera bodies. I think that whole process slows your mind and let’s you think things two or three times before pressing down on that shutter. Double checking your exposures, ISO etc. Most of all, the framing in my opinion. The most exciting part is not being able to review what you just froze. The thrill of not knowing what you captured, when it was captured or sometimes where is the exciting part. When I received my photos from Chris after processing it was definitely a refreshing sensation.

I’m glad I shot what I did in Japan with my 35mm because there are some interesting cars and angles that I didn’t capture with the digital machine.

These photos had to be posted, this car was an all time favourite at the Wreck `Em Meihan day. The combination of the 15″ XR4’s and Mesh flow so well on these old 4 door chassis. Best of all, the guy behind the wheel was an unreal driver just like the rest of Meihan’s residents x

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  1. GTRA23 Says:

    Hey mate,

    Is that the SR20 powered one off “Wreck’em Take It Personal”


  2. GTRA23 Says:

    Awesome shots BTW 🙂

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