Skrillex + Japan = This

February 27th, 2012

I’m a person that isn’t specifically devoted to one music genre, as a matter in fact I enjoy music from heavy metal rock to dubstep. I have to post this video on here, why? This is why! The video is of Skrillex breaking down his music and telling it like a realist, in Japan doing what he loves best, making music in hotel rooms and performing in front of large crowds in Kyoto, Osaka. There hasn’t been a clip on YouTube for sometime that has affected me quite like this, enjoy x

2 Responses to “Skrillex + Japan = This”

  1. Pecado [PL] Says:

    He smokes too much 🙂
    I was wondering how many time this music will be used in movies with cars/spots etc ;))

  2. Harlan Says:

    Hey, good job on the blog. I just heard an awesome new dubstep track. It’s my favorite these days. Give it a listen:

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