Jesse Throwing Down @ Meihan

February 27th, 2012

I thought it would be a little different to put up a sequence photo of the one and only Jesse Streeter throwing down a perfect lap @ Meihan Sports Land back in 2011. Here he is, 3rd gear, just braking traction in order to link from the first left hand corner, along the straight…

…directly into the wall of Meihan, on lock, spot on.

Around the hairpin, continuing his way around the circuit. I could watch drifting all day, everyday at Meihan or any track in Japan for that matter x

3 Responses to “Jesse Throwing Down @ Meihan”

  1. craze191st Says:

    love the sequence!

  2. Big Pooky Says:

    Great shooting for a great car. Nice work!

  3. Jesse Ray Says:

    this is my fav of all Jesses cars. Great sequence Casey keep it up!

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