Life to me is mainly based on two things: Choices and attitude. Firstly your choices you make today will determine tomorrow and your future. Attitude, my father has always told me on a daily basis that attitude is everything, if you have a healthy mind, thought and soul you will without a doubt be a success in life. If there was one person in the car scene that stood out to me it would by far be Morgan Dowling, the owner and driver of this gorgeous, red early model S14 who is always out with a killer attitude towards everything.

2012 will be my 7th year of shooting automobiles whether or not I will continue this as a profession is undecided. Over that period of time I have not only improved in my department but witnessed others grow and mature in what they love and desire most, their cars. A suitable example is Morgan Dowling and his 1994 Nissan S14 Silvia. Morgan has virtually been there from day 1 starting out as a spectator until he received his license and purchased a naturally aspirated PS13 and thats when the first page of the car life was written.

After a few years the PS13 was sold and a standard Zenki S14 was purchased. A few months later, here is what the car looks like today. During the holiday period a bunch of friends and I headed down the Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads to be more specific for the week for new years eve. During that time Robo and I got a few ideas in regards to shooting Morgan’s S14.

Being a chilled out fellow Morgan is, he was super cool with the idea of driving down from Brisbane for a summers afternoon of shooting. Here is a couple of straight on photos of the Zenki sitting along the coastline, how perfect.

As the cars aero hasn’t been changed, it is still set off with the ride height and the Yokohama Advan Model 5’s.

Coupla `babes.

Under the engine you’ll find a rebuilt SR20DET consisting of forged Ross racing pistons, acl metal headgasket, adjustable cam gears, t28bb S15 turbo and a front mount intercooler.

A lot of people don’t go down the path of putting 18″ wheels on the front of s-chassis, normally 18″ on the rear if anything. A popular style nowadays is definitely the staggered look, being 17/18″. Morgan decided to click the notch up a step and fitted 18s to the front but still remained having the car super fucking low.

Inside the S14 has remained quite factory with a few little added items here and there. A 360mm Nardi Deep Corne wheel which was purchased in Japan by Morgan himself.

This, is Australia.

This photo is definitely my favorite from the whole set, what do you think?

Be sure to check out Morgan’s blog – UPSIDE,

Casey x

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  1. lachlan Says:

    great photos and great car! reminds me of lindbergh’s matt powers shoot,

  2. Scotty Mitchell Says:

    Awesome write up, beautiful photos.

  3. Ayala Says:

    Love it!!!

  4. declan Says:

    love this car. just needs some big brakes behind those big wheels 🙂

  5. Sean Says:

    Great, now post the Supermade S15 feature you promised us 3 or 4 months ago.

  6. alex datsun Says:

    Can we have more post like in the future? This was an awesome read.

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