Yoshida Yuichi

November 21st, 2011

I decided last week that I would plug in my old external hard drive and sift through some photos from Nikko Circuit hoping to find some new images of a car I’m deeply in love with, that of course is Yoshida Yuichi-sans slammed S15 from SB Corporation. Out of all the images I’ve shot in Japan I think I can say this is my favourite now.

Here is another angle of the slammed and fitted S15 smashing through the back section of Nikko Circuit. To see a spotlight I wrote on Speedhunters click here.

5 Responses to “Yoshida Yuichi”

  1. Lowa Says:

    Please make a 1080p desktop version of the second pic!

  2. s0apgun Says:

    King of Dope

  3. Unkel Says:


  4. Andy Says:

    Great shots there dude! Nice work.

  5. iiivooo Says:

    love that s15 as love the photos too, can you drop 1080p or 1680×1050 please?

    cheers, keep the good work

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