Team ISE Works ☆ In 35mm

October 28th, 2011

Last Thursday – 7 days ago I sent 10 sheets of negative 35mm film and 1 roll of black and white film to film guru, Christopher S Cain in Northern New Zealand. Day in, day out I have been annoying the hell out of Chris asking if the film has arrived and I’ve gotten the same reply the past 5 days, no. Today he sent over a file which was 0.5gb in size and asked for me to download it. He said he hasn’t exposed thing to anyone so I was eager to see. It turns out it’s one of the very first rolls of film I shot in Japan, in other words, the film has landed in New Zealand and Chris has started scanning and processing my images to the computer. From here on in there will be a lot of misc photos from Japan, still plenty of cars and drifting but also sights. First up we have this gorgeous shot of Fumihiko Ogita-sans Levin Coupe from Team ISE Works  ☆. Have a fun and safe weekend everybody. Casey x

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  1. Curtis Says:

    Your photography style is always spot on and always conveys the right feel. This photo is a great example of it, 86 drifting in japan caught on film with a shallow dof, perfect. Keep up the great work!

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