October 27th, 2011

This mismatched Nissan C35 Laurel is owned and driven by a young fellow named Tatsuya Fukui-san. As a matter in fact he is the Subsection Chief in the Manufacturing Department for RS*R. It’s totally awesome to see such a late 90’s 4 door sedan getting thrown in sideways at a tiny little circuit like Meihan and I think thats what got my attention.

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The car is driven by a single turbo RB25 which was quite a surprise. It was awesome to meet Fukui-san and I even shot a full feature during the lunch break which you can see on Speedhunters.

2 Responses to “Sedans”

  1. joshuahooks Says:

    well that right there is just cool!

  2. rory Says:

    I believe he got his fenders painted since you saw it last –

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