C33 Laurel on 15″ SSR Mesh

October 17th, 2011

I spotted this C33 Laurel at the first Meihan Track day I attended back in April. I’ve always had a huge crush on 4 doors with 15″ wheels whether they be flush or not. Unfortunately this combo isn’t very popular in Australia as the car has to be quite low for it to look right. This C33 looked absolutely awesome on 15’s and a very aggressive SR20DET to match.

So what are they? SSR Mesh, so 90’s.

4 Responses to “C33 Laurel on 15″ SSR Mesh”

  1. joshuahooks Says:

    15’s just look so rad

  2. marvis Says:

    Engine bay pics?!

  3. skurai Says:

    awesome, the chrome details gives it a cool touch too

  4. Oops, I made a mesh » More Japan Blog Says:

    […] Source: Shirtstuckedin.com […]

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