This was the second night into our Japan trip with K-Tours. Here we are after a big night of preparing the cars for Suzuka for 2-3 nights. Right after leaving Shane’s we stopped into the local convenience store to grab some treats for the 3 hour driver and then some fuel. Here are some photos I snapped during the trip. Here is John Dollison filling up his PS13.

Erin Sykes from JDM Garage in his Kouki S14. The car has had a huge transformation and can’t wait to shoot it when I head back over to Japan, the new R33 GT-R guards on the rear give it a fat ass appearance.

Here I am hanging out the window leaving the service station after filling up. This photo is the back of Todd’s Type-X and in front half a dozen drift cars on a road trip to Suzuka.

Here we are on the way riding behind Todd’s slammed RPS13. This was before our first stop and before I took over driving from Buckna in his SR20 C33 Laurel.

Finally we have Shane and Matt in the Joy-Pop keeping at the back of the pack to make sure everyone sticks together through the toll points etc. I really do miss this.

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  1. Asia Says:

    can i ask what was used to take these photos? body/lens, post processing? i really like the last two!

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