September 20th, 2011

The reason for the amount of posts over the past few days are to make up for my poor efforts on the weekends. As soon as Friday comes I’m pretty much out the door until Monday morning, so in the future I think I need to schedule posts to go live on Friday evenings through to Monday mornings, what do you think? I have to apologise as I know next to nothing about this car or the owner. Here are a few photos a few of you requested after seeing it in the background of other images, enjoy.

Peace x

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  1. scaife Says:


  2. richie Says:

    what lenses brother ???

  3. Nama Says:

    Hi thanks for the support… well but will not forget lol
    Cool car maybe in the future you will know the owner.

  4. richard Says:

    Love your blog really nice photos and lucky lucky for visiting Japan, does anyone know who makes that trunk wing on the s15? love it.


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