September 14th, 2011

It’s simple, if you don’t take the correct line at Meihan Sports Land you will end up like this. Even professional drivers such as the D1SL Mind Control Team had some difficulties under the competition pressure back in April.

Not only smashing the whole front end but the rear along the wall. Here you can see a great deal of damage ranging from bent rear arms, dented body, chipped spoiler and broken exhausts. One thing is for sure, if you clip the wall in the wrong matter it will take advantage of your car, but this is what makes them better drivers, right?

After this current run the red flag was exposed which sent the cars back to the pits. I walked up to the other end of Meihan and spotted this damage on the clipping point where you just click 3rd gear and send the car out wide in preparation for the wall ride. From what I saw, it seems the Mind Control driver took this line a little bit too seriously and hit the tire wall.

Just a few centimetres behind the tires I found 1/8th of his front bumper including the splitter. I gladly picked it up and took it back to the team which they were very thankful. It would have been an awesome souvenir for sure!

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  1. HamishSnow Says:

    Would have been awesome if you’d got to keep that bit of bumper!

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