September 13th, 2011

At the Wreck Em Meihan Day we held, some of the best drivers in the country showed up. Of course, local boy Naoki Nakamura wouldn’t miss it for the world, however he didn’t roll in in his pink and purple PS13, it was his D1 S15. What made the day even more exciting were passenger runs, it was rotating between a few guys such as Jesse Streeter, Bai-san from Origin and Kuroi-san from M-Bros. Shane Bingham and his wife spoke to Nakamura for me which landed me riding shotgun in his passenger seat.

Arriving quite late he looked desperately eager to get out onto the track, the car looked so gorgeous when it arrived, but I’m not sure I can say it stayed like that for very long. Once again I was completely blown away that I had the privilege to shoot such a well known car for the next 6 hours.

Here is the inside of the car, fitted with a couple of Bride seats, aftermarket boss kit a few gauges and some personal touches by the man who loves pink bits. I have to say it was one hell of an experience riding with Nakamura with no seatbelts, both of my hands were holding my camera filming onboard footage with Kuroi from M-Bros. Be sure to check out Wreck Em and stay tuned for the 2011 DVD which will feature some of my footage.

The power plant is very tidy, still running an SR20 with a high-mount GReddy turbo all processed through a Power FC. From what I can remember this engine pushes out over 500whp.

Not long after a few runs of wall scraping this is what the car looked like, in saying that it only got worse. Even though it’s battered I think it makes it look even tougher, only the best challenge themselves by getting closer and closer and that’s what makes them the drivers they are.

On the third lap in the morning Nakamura busted out a manly entry alongside the wall which not only destroyed his carbon fibre spoiler, rear tailight and rear bumper…

…oh and not to forget his exhaust. At least the D-MAX template is still pop riveted on right? I can’t wait for you guys to see the footage from inside it was one experience I will never forget until the day I pass on. What a driver and what a car, this makes me excited about heading back to Japan very soon!

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  1. scaife Says:

    any pics of the purple burst s15?

  2. CaseyD Says:

    Yep, I will post some up in the next few days. Still plenty to come from Meihan!

  3. KibaRUN Says:

    more sideways photos of streeters s13, can see dude was there in the background

  4. scaife Says:


  5. Kieran Says:

    I’m hoping to go to Japan soon, how did you find out where (and how to get to them) and when they were on?

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