August 18th, 2011

As promised, I mentioned that I would be writing a small story from a foreigners perspective on a particular track in Osaka, Japan – Meihan Sports Land. 

So my first trip to Japan was with a group of Melbourne boys, however this time it was with a good friend of mine Erin from JDM Garage who runs a tour called K-Tours Osaka and this was the first legit tour with around 25 members. Meihan Sports Land has always been one of those tracks I’ve spent hours on the internet browsing through photos and videos of mind blowing backwards entries and tight battles that make you want to watch them over and over. I think I could confidently say when people think Meihan, Team Burst automatically clicks. Both of my trips to Meihan in the one tour were very special as we got to see the boys in Pink and Purple show us how they do it on their own turf. 

As mentioned above, the amount of videos and photos I’ve continuously viewed don’t express how thrilling it is in real life. This photo is of Naoki Nakamura riding along the wall next to a D1 member in the Mind Control S15. The amount of speed they enter this corner in is incredible. It’s amazing watching them avoid the wall (despite Nakamura) and steer the car around the apex lap after lap. I thought I would post this photo as most of the images you see come from Meihan are from the grandstand. With this particular photo I feel it gives a different approach to the viewer on the track itself.

Arriving to tracks as early as possible will always be a good choice, I believe you can never be too early, therefore you can’t miss anything! For this day we were awake at 3:45am. Being early for the Wreck `Em day I went out on the track before anyone did to get some detail shots of the wall and the track without any cars or people. The famous wall-scrubbing slab of concrete gives away evidence of some particular cars, I’m sure you can pick them just by looking at the colours engraved into it. The amount of bumpers, cars, spoilers and exhausts this wall has claimed would be uncountable, however it manages to be an addiction for most of the drivers that get the opportunity to drive it.

I have to say it was a pretty interesting feeling standing right were the cars initiate along the wall with complete silence. This photo is looking back up the track to where the cars come blazing around holding one continuous drift and then transitioning along the wall, centimetres away from the spectators. Without a doubt it would have to be one of the closest you can get to the action legally.

And here is what the it looks like with a bit of action and a few spectators shot through some gorgeous cherry blossoms! This driver was very talented and was doing some awesome battles with Jesse Streeter throughout the whole day, so stay tuned for some images very soon!

One of the craziest drivers alongside Team Burst and Nakamura was Kuroi’s D1SL S15 with a new shade of white, pink. This car has some very serious power! Note: the positive rear camber. I also love the contrast between the sky, trees and the vibrant pink!

I think it’s definitely one of the coolest tracks I’ve visited, in saying that I haven’t been disappointed with any tracks I’ve visited in Japan, each of them have their own special, unique features. I’d like to thank K-Tours for bursting my Meihan cherry, it was definitely an experience I will remember for the rest of my life without a doubt and I’m looking forward to heading back there in a few months. 

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  1. Slappy Says:

    If you look at the wall with the tire & paint marks on it, it looks like an old style American top fuel dragster. I can see the real wheel, long chassis, helmet & front wheel.

  2. Vincent Says:


  3. johnny Says:

    any one care to give some info on why he is running positive camber?!?!?!? better control while sliding? does it make shifting the rear of the car from side to side easier? either way i love the ferrari hourse front and center on the trunk

  4. brndck Says:

    you said thats KUROI’S pink s15??? which kuroi are we talking about here? i didn’t know there was another one besides atsushi (r.i.p.)

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