August 11th, 2011

As you may know on our Facebook we’ve constantly been posting images of this car every now and then, but now you deserve a closer look at this little EF Civic. Firstly, I spotted this car at Meihan Sports Land at the Wreck `Em day, it actually arrived quite late. As soon as it rolled in I was immediately hooked and managed to get a closer look before it hit the track.

The driver that arrived in this little machine seemed to be good friends with the Team Burst drivers. After a few sessions on the track Nakamura started to drive it on the track behind the Team Burst trains, managing to get it on 3 wheels into most corners. As you may know, I have a crazy fetish for older cars, one being EF Civics. This one is styled so perfectly it’s a car I would not change at all. The interior is completely stripped with only a few bare essentials such as this Bride drivers seat, also a full roll-cage. 

As for the exterior it’s very basic. I’m unsure on the wheels but they seem to look like a very old style of 14″ Enkei’s, maybe you guys might be know? Here it is parked up in front of the Team Burst PS13.

What’s a Civic without the authentic Honda Primo windshield banner? It’s the little things that count.

Back into the interior I noticed a little RAZO shift knob, such a neat change.

The standard dash and cluster remains, however that’s about all apart from an aftermarket dished steering wheel too! These types of cars scream out so much to me, I really wish I could explain how lovely it sounded. I really want to shoot more of these next time I’m in Japan.

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  1. evan Says:

    the wheels look like the original enkei nt03.

  2. Mick Says:

    Definitely are the NT03s just not the +Ms that everyone knows. My friend has them on his EP3 Type-R.

  3. kevin Says:

    those look like USDM corner lights…

  4. Dimitri Says:

    sell the polo and buy one. these sell for $500-$1000.

  5. Private Runner Says:

    Greetings. Would you know what motor is in the EF?

  6. scott.k Says:

    this thinks is amazing, super clean. big fan of the steering wheel, just bought one just like this offa ebay. gutted with a cage and buckets is the way to go. i agree with the guy above, got any info or pics of the motor? btw, do go back and get more pics, this is a gem

  7. Chak Says:

    Moar please. This fine speciment of automobile never ceases to please!

  8. coolio Says:

    Those are Enkei RCT1. They are very similar to the NTO3 but not the same. The RCT1’s came out before the NT03’s.

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