May 30th, 2011

There is something for everyone in Japan. In the heart of Shinsaibashi, Osaka you’ll find a shop by the name of Tsutaya which is an oversized book store that ranges anything and everything. Walking into the shop it didn’t take us very long to locate the automotive section. Picking up the latest Drift Tengoku magazine I happened to find my images in Alexi Smith’s (Nori Yaro) monthly publication. I must admit it was a pretty surreal feeling walking into a Japenese store, picking up a Japanese publication and seeing my name printed under 3 images. Once again, thanks Alexi! Not only does this shop offer unlimited amount of magazines and books but one of the best coffee shops in the world a Starbucks. Don’t feel like going out? Head to one of these stores, pickup your favourite magazine and read over a late`. Just another reason to show how much I love Japan.

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  1. Jon Says:

    Awesome, so jelly!

  2. lachlan Says:

    you know starbucks is complete fucking shit right lol, so wish i could go to a bookstore like that, did they have second hand (old) magazines too?

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