May 25th, 2011

A couple of nights prior to the Wreck `Em day at Meihan we visited just over a dozen workshops within a 12 hour period, one being Nagano Koubou. A couple of their cars attended the drift day but the standout was by far this gloss black RPS13 on the new 15″ Work C01. I grabbed this photo just as he was heading out on track, I’ll definitely be sifting through the galleries for more of this immaculate s-chassis.

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  1. Jase Says:

    Love how the Headlights are done like on FC’s.

  2. sam Says:

    Oh Shit

  3. Andrew Says:

    Please do post more! I love this car!

  4. Erik Says:

    Please post a link to more photos of this car if you have any. I want to know what the body kit is on this thing.

  5. afeef Says:

    car looks dope! hope there’s any high res for wallpaper 🙂

  6. sean Says:

    This car is lovely, maybe my favorite s13 ever in life. loving the new meisters and the fact that its a onevia.
    It is a onevia, right? I thought I saw this car on speedhunters and they said it was a 180(no rear shots????)
    Only thing that I would change would be a zenki instead of chuki bumper.
    I usually dont like the chuki aero, but here I didn’t mind it(maybe be that cut in the center) until I looked at it for a couple minutes.
    @erik the aero is all stock except for the hood and zg flares and supermade(style?) lights, one of the reasons it looks so great imo
    The hood is the most intriguing part as i have never seen one like it. I wonder if the nagano koubou shop makes it.
    More s13s on 15in wheels pleez, and more of this car(rear shots) i need a new wallpaper.

  7. naganokoubou Says:

    Thank you for publishing the photograph.

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