May 18th, 2011

Seeming as I posted this photo on our Facebook as the new display photo I thought it would be ideal to throw it up on the blog in a higher resolution just so you can froth that little extra.

With these new photos from Japan I want to attempt to write a little more than I have been for each post I make for 2 reasons: Improve my spelling & grammar and to give you a bit more information on what went on behind the scenes to get the shot. Some of you will appreciate reading a little more but I’m sure there will be people to just glance at the images. Continuing on… This photo was taken at the Wreck Em Meihan day as the presentations were being held, this day was probably one of the best drift days I’ve ever attended in my life. I not only got to shoot Jesse Streeter’s S13 but the Supermade Y34 Cedric on the track as the sun was setting, I really can’t wait to release these photos, let alone the Supermade S15 feature. I will be releasing a whole stack of desktops but for now just enjoy what’s filled in this 950 pixel box.

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  1. Elvis Says:

    I’ll tell you this. I would be HONORED to be in this cars presence or even it’s turf. For you to go out there, meet so many amazing and iconic people and cars is just mind blowing. Keep up the good work Casey!

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