May 6th, 2011

Yesterday was the main Meihan Drift Day (Wreck Em) we had all been waiting for, spectating the best of the best globally. Team Burst, Origin, Supermade, T-Welding, Jesse Streeter, NumberSixCustoms and many more. It was pretty surreal seeing Team Burst and Nakamura roll in with their cars straight off the street especially Nakamura in his D1GP S15 with slash plates. Luckily enough I was granted with a passenger ride with him during the back end of the day, to be honest I can’t really say much but I will let my videos do the talking when I get around to editing and uploading them. For now today is my final day of being 18 so I’m soaking it up by relaxing in our hotel in Shinsaibashi and heading to Bihoku tomorrow for my birthday for a practice day. A track I’ve always wanted to visit.

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  1. THEKID Says:

    Happy Birthday dude!

  2. Dave Says:

    Happy Birthday Casey, hope it’s the tops man.

  3. thomasdd Says:

    Happy birthday dude,riding shotgun must have been insane.

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