April 26th, 2011

So I made it to Japan safe and sound, here I am typing from our hotel in the middle of Osaka. Since we got off the plane it has been non-stop! From spotting 3 of the loudest bosozoku cars I’ve ever heard roll down the main street of Osaka to experiencing the best tasting ramen I’ve ever tried it seems like this trip is going to be amazing. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo of the bosozoku cars but I snapped a couple off with my 35mm so I’m not sure whether they’ll turn out okay or not, I was hit with such a dose of adrenaline I literally froze up! After dinner we headed out for some drinks and a walk around town, this place is breathtaking, so different to Tokyo! Tomorrow we’re heading off to Shane’s shed where the boys will pickup their toys and prepare them for the next 2 weeks. We will also be travelling to Suzuka tomorrow evening for 3 nights. Stay tuned! x

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  1. s0apgun Says:

    Have fun guy, I’m beyond jealous.

  2. Rowan McMahon Says:

    good greif you’re an amazing photographer. and for your age you are leading an incredible life… i look at myself, a 25 year old bored office worker … i sit here chained to my desk and *almost* feel jealous…haha

    no seriously – keep up the good work – do you have a facebook page? that would help keep me update with your great entries 🙂

    all the best!!!

  3. CaseyD Says:

    facebook.com/shirtstuckedin 🙂

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