March 2nd, 2011

Last December a fellow by the name of Yuka Fujii got in contact with me from Chiba, Tokyo Japan regarding an image to be used for Tokyo Autosalon and for their new website. Surprisingly enough it was a friend of the Purple Wins 180SX I shot at Mobara Twin during the final round of MSC.

Opening the letter not knowing what to expect I found a kind written note which was a little bit hard to understand as it was written with an English translator, but the message was still clear. Alongside the letter were some cool, unique stickers…

I won’t bother posting a photo of the 180SX, you can probably figure out the car by this cool little sticker they sent me. Also some more traditional ones in the background. Not only a letter and stickers but I also received a little wooden charm which smells like wood-fire, something I will keep forever. The Japanese are so kind, I’m forever thankful.

More stickers, letters and other items to store in my Nikko Circuit envelope where all my belongings are kept from last Novembers trip. Thanks guys!

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  1. Jack Says:

    How good is that!

    Once you break through and show you’re not a douche, they are probably the most kind and generous people around. I’ve had a similar experience with a few Keirin frame builders while I was there. Dudes were even walking me back to the train station to make sure I didn’t get lost.

    Nice loot as well, those stickers look great!

  2. lachlan Says:

    wait so your photos are being used on the offical tokyo autosalon website? thats insane and awesome lol. also did u go to winton matsuri? i didnt, but from what ive heard and seen that shit needs to be on speedhunters!

  3. CaseyD Says:

    Lachlan: No, not on the Tokyo Autosalon website but I think they used the image for the poster on their display @TAS, but I’m not sure if they got the image in time for that. It will also be used for their own website so most probably the WINS one.

  4. doug Says:

    paradise-shift produce some pretty cool gear. lucky bugger!

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