January 17th, 2011

I’m sure a lot of you have been keeping up to date with the latest news regarding Naoki Nakamura-san. Nakamura-san was published in the papers due to getting arrested for illegal street drifting in Minou, just north of Osaka. Dino Dalle Carbonare from Speedhunters stated at the Tokyo Autosalon; “The big news at the show yesterday was that Naoki Nakamura of Team Burst was once again arrested for illegal street drifting. At the same time the sentencing from a previous offense came through, consisting of a two-year driver’s license suspension and a pretty hefty fine. Upon hearing this, the D1 Corporation instantly banned him indefinitely from competing in D1 Grand Prix and D1 Street Legal. Today, some of the D1 Corporation people headed over to the D-Max stand where his cars are on display and removed his name from both, along with the D1 windscreen banners.” I do feel sorry for Nakamura-san, he is by far one of my favourite drivers throughout Japan and definitely one of the top drivers. It’s such a shame he will be deleted from the D1 division all together
“I wanted to practice” Nakamura stated. What a badass. I’d give anything in the world to see this man slide up the hills of Osaka.
I wish all the best for Nakamura. Hopefully this all blows over soon enough and I hope to see him banging it off the wall at Meihan alongside the other members from Team Burst in early May this year.

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  1. zombieslider Says:

    Im right there with you man, one of the things i love the most about him is that he still slides on the streets he drifts because he loves drifting not to make some name for himself through D1.

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